For those who are a big fans of crab, Crab Sifu had opened their 4th outlet and this round will be in Kepong. Opening in the evening, one can enjoy the lovely crablicious food here. It is kinda easy to find via waze and it has an ample parking space as well.
珊瑚海王豆腐 (RM 38)
We indeed taste a vast variety of their delights from the menu and they are pretty good. Try their tofu where the silky tofu is being deep fried and topped with deep fried kailan on top. Served together with the scrumptious prawns, scallops and abalone with it.
琳艺菇炒青龙菜 (RM25)
For those who are looking for an awesome vegetables dish, try the Lin – Yi Leaf stir fried with loads of mushroom. Nice one!
Aside from enjoying crab-licious meal, they have the pork ribs which is simply good. The Jiangnan pork is well cooked till perfection with the meat fall off with the sweet and sourish sauce. The price depends on the weight of the bone itself and price is from RM 28 onwards. The dish comes simply flavourful and good.
皇帝一桶鸡(RM 38)
The huge bucket is served . Surprise your self with the Emperor Chicken which is steamed with the huge portion of herbs with it. Filled with the herbs aroma, together with some wolfberries, the dish is simply awesome as it is. The chicken meat comes simply tender and juicy bringing you with the aromatic taste of it. Nice and good.
越南蒸红鸡鱼(Vietnamese Steamed Fish)
The fresh fish is being steam with the delicious Vietnamese Sauce brings you with the flavourful taste and yet not too spicy and appetizing meal. I love the flaky bites of the fish which is just so good
More seafood coming and one of it is the Lala. Served in the hotplate with loads of lala in the savoury light spicy sauce. The ganxiang sauce makes the lala simply good and delicious.
This is indeed one of my favourite of all. The sweet and pulpy prawn is served in the sweet, sourish and spicy sauce. With loads of garlic accompany the dish, it is just awesomely good. Nice !
And being in Crab Sifu, one must not missed the Salted Egg Crab. The huge XL Crab is well cooked till perfection with the creamy base of salted egg in it. Nice and good and what  I love is the huge claws. Awesome. Don’t miss their bread to accompany together with it.
Crab SIFU 蟹师傅
1, Jalan 3/36, Taman Sri Bintang,
52100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Waze: Crab SIFU 蟹师傅)
Tel :+60 13-207 9978 / +60 14-979 7609 / +60 12-660 1566
Opening Hours:5pm-12pm(礼拜一休息)
16 September 2016 (Update): Outlet Permanent Closed


  1. says

    Rubbish restaurant, the Crab is very expensive. Sorry, I should say it is very con head. I have been there last month with my family, I placed an order of 2 KGS crab which they claimed the price is RM88 per KG, 2 crabs. So, I ordered 2 kgs, meaning 4 crabs. When the crab served to us, it looks like less than 2 KGS definitely small and not enough for us (8 people there). The person in charge is very proud and the customer service is very bad, they don’t bother to serve us. After we had all the foods, we had waited another 30 minutes for the Crab, come on how can the gap between the foods and crab can be that long? Please don’t go to this restaurant, definitely you will regret for sure.

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