Tsubohachi Izakaya Hokkaido is the latest Japanese Ikazaya in Publika where the franchise started in Japan and now has outlets in Singapore and Thailand. And in Tsubohachi, it has three principles of aji (taste), wa (environment) and omotenashi (hospitality) promise an authentic Japanese experience. With an impressive beer and sake menu.
Ramen Sarada (RM 16.90)
The bowl of salad served with the ramen, lettuce, onion, egg, cucumber, bacon, leek, carrot, cherry tomato and some sesame dressing. The ramen salada is simply good with the refreshing taste and yet light creaminess.
Nankotsu Karaage (RM 18.90)
Filled you tummy with the Deep Fried Chicken Soft – Bone. The meat comes simply moist and juicy where we really enjoyed them.
Kawaebbi Karaage (RM14.90) 
Get a beer and you will definitely keep munching the Deep Fried River Shrimp. A beer is enough goes well with this and I bet you will keep ordering and munching them.
Poteto Mentaiko Yaki (RM 13.90) 
The Hotplate of potatoes is served with the seasoned cod row, mayonnaise and cheese with it. It is advice to share where even though a small portion, the dish comes simply heavy.
Imo Mochi (RM 8.90) 
U can also try the Hokkaido Style of Deep Fried Mashed Potato here. The mocha comes simply good where it remains moist and with the light sweetness.
Chicken Thigh Skewers with Leek ( Salt/ Sauce ) (RM 7.80) 
Grilled items are also available in their menu too. The chicken comes awesomely good where the chicken meat comes simply good with the hint of light saltiness in it.
Torikawa (RM 7.80)
The lovely chicken skin skewer which comes perfectly good where it is indeed well grilled till perfection leaving us with the crunchy bites at the edges.
Seseri (RM 7.80)
One can enjoy their lovely skewer which is amazingly lovely and unique. Every mouthful of the skewers comes simply enjoyable as the aromatic of the skewer can be tasted.
Eihire  (RM 12.90)
The lovely ray fin comes simply addictive with the light saltiness. The dish is simply addictive where it is well match when drinking. Nice and good.
Hotate Yaki (RM 9.90)
The huge scallops comes amazingly good and it is well done till perfectiong with the butter and soy sauce. I am just loving it where they are simply huge and the sweetness of the hotate remains. Nice.
Hokke Hiraki (RM 52.90)
The imported Atka Mackarel fly all the way from Hokkaido is indeed well grilled till perfection leaving you with the crispy edges as well as the moist tender meat. It is awesomely good which I can’t resist to have them all on my own.
Buta Hakusai nabe ( 2-3 pax) (RM 29.90)
The beautifully presented pork belly together with the Chinese Cabbage with the Mille Feuille Claypot comes awesomely good where the pork slices comes sweet and juicy with the soup with it. I love the way it is done where everything comes awesomely well with the sweetness. Nice one.
Ontama Tsukune Teppanyaki (RM 12.90)
The Grilled minced chicken with the Hotspring Egg is also another good one and unique too.
Nagashi Somen Setto (RM 27.90)
Time to ploy with your noodles now! The icy cold water goes in circular motions, dunk in the ramen and vegetables, fish them up with chopsticks, and dip it into the shoyu sauce at the side. It serves no culinary purpose. Comes with a platter of tempura and sliced vegetables.
Tsubohachi Malaysia
Address: A2-UG1-9 Publika Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-6206 5526
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – Closing.

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