Located at The Gardens, An Viet is indeed a restaurant worth to visit. The restaurant comes with the beautiful interior and also bringing you the authentic Vietnamese delights is indeed a restaurant not to be missed. A new eatery that opened up for business not long ago, taking up the premise that is used to be MBG Fruit Shop; a casual restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese street food. I was attracted by its soothing ambiance that is decorated with lots of vintage and wood element; and also their philosophy.

An Viet’s aim is to get people to “eat” their food and reduce food wastage in response to the shocking amount of the food that goes to the waste, that comes to about 1/3 of the food produced for human consumption globally. In order to reduce food wastage, we can customize the carbo portions that suit our appetite. For rice vermicelli or noodles, one can choose 80g, 100g, 120g, 140g, or 160g and as for Vietnamese rice, one can choose the portion of rice at 120g, 160g or 200g
Banh Trang Nuong (RM 8.90)
The dish is indeed unique and I am impressed with it. Hardly find in many shops,the grilled rice paper with the minced pork. The dish brings us with the crunchy bites and an appetizing taste. Double thumbs up.
Canh Chua Ngao Nuuc Dua (RM 13.90)
I love the light spicy sensation of the clams. The clam is soaked in the coconut broth and every mouthful comes simply refreshing and sweet. The clams remains at its freshness which lead to no muddy taste.


Bun Cha (RM 17.90)
The imported vermicelli served with the grilled pork in their appetizing spicy sourish sauce. It is one of my favorite of the night with the light spicy delights and the tender meat.
Pho Bo (RM 18.90)
Enjoy the heart of Vietnamese Cuisine where one should try the delicious Pho Bo where the noodles is made in house to be assured that the taste and quality is alike in Vietnam. The pho comes amazingly good with the slurpilicious noodles and the tender juicy meat. Nicely done. Aside, you can choose the noodle size
Ga Nuong Xa’ Ut (RM 15.90)
Enjoy the lovely grilled lemongrass chicken with rice. The chicken is well grilled with the lemongrass but the lemongrass flavors is not well infused into the chicken.
Ca Phe Trung (Nong) (RM 8.90)
Ends your meal with of course a cup of Vietnamese Coffee which is topped with an egg yolk.Served hot.

An Viet
Lot LG 203B, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +60 3-2201 1181

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