During my trip to Hong Kong this round, we visited the largest Toy R Us Shop in Hong Kong located at the Harbour Shopping Mall. The spacious floor space of 37,000 square feet that will make parents and kids mega-happy!
Toys lover will be amazed with the Toy R Us here compared to what we have in Malaysia. Many imported collections which is hardly found in Malaysia is all here. Starting up with the Barbie collectors where  they comes up with the sweet princess collection and the mini Barbie collection. I found this in Malaysia but not much variety though.  Lego and Starwars collectors will definitely be amazed and happy to look for as they have huge collection of Starwars and also Lego
The Disney selections are loads here where you can find the Disney Tsum Tsum collection, loads of lil cute Disney stuff and more.
As for “Baby Alive” ; the price here is slightly cheaper than what we found in Malaysia and they comes with loads of models and patterns.
Fans of Peppa Pig will not be disappointed with the Peppa Collection here too. I found quite a variety of Peppa Toys which we had bought back for our lil girl. Something which cannot be find in Malaysia.
Asides from some that we have captured, they have loads of variety to go for as well where everything is too cute to buy back. Now I wish I have a bigger bags and bring more cash for shopping in Toy R Us in Hong Kong.  Oh ya, Toy ‘R’ Us membership card from Malaysia can be used in Hong Kong for point collection too.
Toys “R” Us welcomes you with a million smiles and over 10,000 toys for your selections.
Shop OTG23, Ocean Terminal,
Harbour City,
17 Canton Road Tsim Sha Tsui
Telephone: 2730 9462
Opening Hours : 10:00 – 22:00

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