Located at Taman Len Sen, Crab Generation is indeed one of the famous seafood outlet where they started off with their famous Fei Fei Crab in Kepong. Crab Generation is the second branch of Fei Fei Crab where they serve quality and unique recipes.
Steamed “Seabird” with Garlic Ginger (RM30/6 pieces)
The “seabird” is being steamed till perfection with the chilly padi in it. Every mouthful burst with the ginger taste and light kick of spicness. Awesomely good.
Steamed Prawns and Bee Hoon in XO Sauce (RM58/3 prawns) (Promotion) 
The lovely Chinese favourites where the gravy and noodles is soaked with the fragrant XO Sauce and topped with the 3 large prawns. Enjoy the bouncy prawns together with the slurpy noodles. Awesomely good!
Deep Fried Pattaya Pork Knuckle (RM48- RM58)
Love pork knuckle? Try their crispy mouthwatering indulgence here in Crab Generation. I can’t resist them where the pork knuckles comes with the tender soft meat helmed with the rich collagen with it. Imagine; once a bite the ooziness of the collagen bursting with the cracky skin. Oh my! That’s heavenly
Thai Style Chili Lime Steamed Fish with Lala (RM68)
It is such an appetizing dish with the burst of flavours in it. The steamed fish with the lala brings you with the sweet umami taste  from the seafood flavours together with the kick of spiciness and soury taste from the Thai chilly sauce and the chilly.
Brown Crab with Peanut Butter Sauce ( RM108/KG) 
This brown crab suddenly become simply popular in the market where they are known of having loads of meat and roe. And in Crab Generation, enjoy the brown crab cooked  with the chef’s signature sauce which is the Peanut Butter Sauce. Brings you the creamy sensation from the peanut butter sauce, the brown crab compliments well with the sauce making in perfect. The gravy is so tempting and enjoying your crabs with the deep fried mantao (RM 4.50) makes the meal even perfect. The fluffy bun with the crispy outer layer served hot comes awesomely good. Dipped them in the sauce and you will definitely not waste any more sauces with the mantao.
Coffee Cheese Crab (RM88/ 2 pieces of XL Size (~1KG), RM136/ 2 pieces of XXL (~1.4KG))
Asides from the brown crab, they have the reasonably priced fresh meaty crab too. The Coffee Cheese Crab comes pretty unique with the hint of coffee in it. Every mouthful comes with the aromatic of the coffee taste in it with the sticky sweet taste and topped with the cheese powder for the savoury touch.
Stir Fried Mixed Mushrooms with Broccoli (RM20/Small, RM30/big)
Ends your meal with some greenies
For those who are looking for a yummy-licious crab sensation, Crab Generation is indeed one of the place to go for. Fresh crabs with unique cooking style. It is worth travelling there for a decent crab –licious meal.
Crab Generation 蟹的傳人
93, Jalan 2, Taman Len Sen,
Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur,

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