BWB Flaming On Table brings you more excitements on your meals where they comes up with a different concept of dining. The restaurant sets with the beautiful interior with the beautiful black walls and neat furniture. The ambience is indeed nice, with the great ambience.

Appetizer: Tri Specie(Three in a kind) RM30.
From left: Marinated jelly fish, tiny octopus and tubor shell

The best selling appetizers here which features their best seller includes the marinated jelly fish, tiny octopus and tubor shell. The jelly fish comes pretty normal with the hint of light spiciness. While for the octopus, it is indeed a unique one, slurpy texture with the hint of wasabi in it.As for the tubor shell, it comes with the chewiness and the fresh bites which is indeed double thumbs up.
Secco Seppia (RM12)

While for the dried squid, it is indeed an addictive appetizer to go. The sweet and yet savoury delights just make a good match and goes along with a beer.

Piccante Mussels (RM18)

The fresh mussels is well cooked till perfectionist and it is topped with their homemade special sauce. The sauce brings you with the kick of spiciness but not too strong though.

Knuckle Bun (RM 10)

The mini bun is indeed an awesome where the fried mantou comes with the knuckle slice inside. It is indeed sinfully addictive and the pork knuckle is complete with the juiciness in it. Nice and good!
Piccolo Pizza – RM 4 each

Tapas alike, the Picalo Pizza is indeed one of my favorites. The mini mushroom pizza which is well prepared with various types of mushrooom in one bite. Sinfully good with the crisp of the base and the juicy blend of mushroom taste in it.




The lovely platter of grilled item is served on top of the classy plate. Serving us with variety choices of skewers which includes Tsukune (RM 10), Bonjiri (RM 4), Yaki Tori (RM 5), Sunagimo (RM 4) and Tebaski (RM 8). Each item is carefully prepared and grilled till perfection where it leaves us with the moist and juicy texture. Awesomely good .
Flaming Ocean Trout – RM 42

BWB Flaming On Table brings you with the surprises now. The show starts now where they light up your meal with flame and ensure take your camera with you to get the great shot. The flames are iginited with a non-alcoholic liquid poured over the dish which brings you with the BBQ with the light caramel fragrance after the burning. Savour till the fullest with the huge portion of main where the dish is filled with the complete sweetness from the fish itself which brings the sweetness of it.
Oink oink on Burning (Flaming pork rib)
Small RM42.00 Big RM55.00

Another items not to be misesed is of course the Flaming Pork Ribs. The porklicious delights come sinfully good with the juicy meat and moist texture. The portion is indeed a huge one and it is a filling dish as well.Never go home without going for their ice cream and their Irish Coffee.

SmokyTruffle Ice Cream (with bacon and sea salt) (RM 25)

The sinfully good and addictive ice cream comes good and beautifully presented In the smoky way. The ice cream is smooth with the hint of truffle in it and topped with the small pieces of bacon and seasalt.


The Irish Coffee is indeed a kick. Enjoy the performance by the barista where they skillfully pulled the flames of the coffee. Oh my! It is simply double good.

BWB Flaming On Table
No. 8, Jalan 27 / 70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:
12pm-12am Daily

Contact Number: 0362063800

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