The Festival of Lights, also known as Diwali, as a cultural festivity long celebrated by the Indians. One of the biggest and brightest festivals, it spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness. In Malaysia, Diwali is also celebrated widely by the Hindus here. As people clean their houses, light up the oil lamps, participate in family puja, they also participate in a family feast.

Sharing a meal together is also an integral part of Deepavali as family members come together for a big reunion. Throughout November, Khushi Spice is having a special platter in conjunction with Diwali. Step into the red and beige timber enclosed hidden gem in Feast Village, Starhill Gallery for an exclusive Northern Indian platter created by Head Chef Surbeer Singh, the Khushi Ka Khazanaa platter, which highlights a variety of proteins, namely chicken, lamb and seafood.

Just like the Indian culture, the colourful platter is an amalgamation of 6 different recipes. Guests can look forward to 3 preparation methods for the chicken. They are either marinated with lemon sauce, with garlic paste or with mint sauce. There is also the succulent Lamb Tikka marinated with a special tandoori paste. Lastly, there are 2 seafood offerings. There is the Fish Achari Tikka marinated with pickle and the crispy fried prawn marinated with Indian spices. All marinade are prepared in house to ensure the highest quality North Indian food is produced.

With each platter of Khushi Ka Khazanaa, guests will also receive a piece of the fluffy and light naan and a bowl of Khushi Spice’s signature fragrant biryani rice. Guests may also choose to order more from the a la carte menu, savouring in other mouth-watering dishes such as Jhingga Curry, Rogan Josh and finishing off the meal with a bowl of cold and creamy Mango Kulphi.

Besides the main dishes in the platter, Chef Surbeer is making his signature chili and garlic paste as a condiment, a great complement to the tasty and spicy food combination this platter has to offer. Each platter is priced at RM106 each.

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