Treat yourself to a sweet song full of bright red strawberries! From August, Harbour Restaurant at The Harbourview is pleased to present to you “Strawberry Concerto” Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet, a delectable and aromatic buffet that is composed of a wealth of bright sweet strawberry delights.

Executive Chef Dick Tam and Pastry Chef Kelvin Chung of Harbour Restaurant specially prepare the cheerful buffet with fresh, round and juicy strawberries from the U.S.
The sweet and fragrant delicacies include:


1. Seafood and Mixed Fruit Salad with Strawberry Yoghurt Dressing
“Strawberry Concerto” starts with a sweet fresh salad – a combination of seafood and fruits including shrimps, crabs, strawberries and melon, with special dressing blended with Greek yoghurt, strawberries, honey and orange peel. The salad is a sweet fresh prelude for this mouthwatering concerto.

Hot Dishes

2. Grilled Chicken Breast with Strawberry & Citron Sauce
The chicken steak is topped with Chef-made strawberry sauce and Korean grapefruit sauce after grilling with salt, pepper and white wine. You will love its sweet and sour flavour and its rich texture that is crisp on the outside and tender yet toothsome on the inside.

3. Deep-fried Fish Fillet with Strawberry Sauce and Pine Nuts
Seasoned with Chef-made strawberry sauce and pine nuts featuring layers of crunchy texture, the crispy fish fillet is too delicious to resist.


4. Strawberry Yoghurt Cake
The cake consists of two layers – the sour strawberry mousse at the bottom balances the sweet yoghurt on the top. With a red strawberry coating, it is a piece of artwork baked for your senses of taste and sight.

5. Strawberry White Chocolate Cake
A strawberry sponge cake mixed with white chocolate truffle and strawberry crunch in the middle of the cake that is too delightful not to try.

6. Strawberry Panna Cotta 
A snow-white vanilla panna cotta coated with a thin sheet of strawberry jelly with a fresh strawberry on the top which is a lovely dessert served in a glass that you can hardly turn down.

7. Strawberry Mousse in Glass
A bite-sized dessert featuring a rich strawberry flavour that balances sweet and sour that you cannot miss!

8. Strawberry Meringue Cake 
Dressed up with meringue and pink icing sugar, the fragrant and creamy strawberry cake is a marvelous masterpiece exquisitely presented for your enjoyment.

In addition to the above key recommendations, various fresh salads, sushi, hot dishes and selected items of dessert such as Chocolate Fountains, Waffles, Classical Cotton Candy, Red Bean Bread Pudding and the consistently popular MOVENPICK Ice-cream are still available.

“Strawberry Concerto” Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet integrates strawberries with creativity that brings you fresh and flavoursome dainties. Available from 3:30pm to 5:30pm on every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 1 August to 31 October 2015, the buffet is HK$168 per person only (the same price for adults, seniors and children)!

Enjoy delicious and aromatic melodies of “Strawberry Concerto” Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet at The Harbourview this weekend. Please contact Harbour Restaurant on 3909 9088 or email [email protected], or visit Harbour Restaurant on the 1st Floor of The Harbourview, 4 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

** The Harbourview’s Facebook Fans can enjoy “Strawberry Concerto” Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet at a special price of HK$155 per person (inclusive of 10% service charge). The offer is valid from 1 August to 28 September 2015. Terms and Conditions apply.

“Strawberry Concerto” Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet is available from 1st August to 28th September 2015, every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday 3:30 to 5:30pm.
All prices mentioned are on a per person basis.
All prices are subject to a 10% service charge (based on original prices).
Facebook offer is valid from 1 August till 28 September 2015.
All offers are applicable to a maximum of 12 persons per table and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
Photo is for reference only
The Harbourview reserves the right of final decision in the event of disputes.

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