Ti Chen brings you with the variety choices of mooncakes which is well crafted and presented with the symbolic shapes. And this year, they have the “heart” shape, “oval “ shape and lastly the “round” shape. Every one has its own meaning and messages behind.
This year, Ti Chen releases 8 traditional mooncakes with 4 snow skin mooncake variety. The traditional mooncakes comes with their traditional flavours like the red bean (RM26), diced chicken ham and mixed nut (RM33), pure lotus paste mooncake (RM28) and low sugar white lotus single yolk (RM32).

And for the snow skin, never miss their Musang King (RM30) which one of the best seller in Ti Chen. Creamy sensation with the fragrant durian taste in it. Awesomely good. A new flavour here at Ti Chen, banana chocolate snow skin (RM25) which is sinfully good. Using the Swiss Cocoa Powder in the mooncake, I am indeed falling in love with every mouthful of the choco taste in it Other flavours include the Red velvet with mocha and cream cheese (RM25) and green tea with red bean (colored green with green tea powder(RM25).

And of course, this year Ti Chen box comes simply elegant where it is covered with faux leather and is available in two colours – red (4 mooncakes) and brown (8 mooncakes). You can also opt for the wine option which comes with a bottle of Saujana Hotels and Resorts Wine Collection from the award-winning wineries of Frankland Estate and Margaret River (priced at RM139 and RM159).

And now you can get their mooncakes in Pavilion too.

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