Stuck in the jam is indeed painful experience or getting a taxi and you are paying a high charges is another trouble. It had always been heart -attack when I am in the taxi and the metre just go jumping so fast in just a few minutes and the car hardly can move.

Grab car had solved all my pain when I just heard of it. What is GRAB CAR?

With GrabCar, you get the same accessibility and convenience of MyTeksi but now you get a choice of a more premium ride at affordable rates. The service competes directly with Uber which has a similar offering but there’s some differences in terms of delivery. GrabCar understands that living in a city that requires a car to get to most places, we constantly strive to find a way to get around with safety, speed, certainty, and affordability. And that is why it is our objective to provide a much greater experience to our customers when traveling about their daily lives.

GrabCar Rates
Off-Peak – Base Fare RM4.20 + RM1.60/KM
Peak – Base Fare RM6.00 + RM2.30/KM

The minimum fare is RM8 and is calculated based on distance. Since the fare has no time-based calculation, you know exactly how much your trip would cost even before you board the vehicle. And it is much better having GRAB CAR during PEAK hours,

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And this round, I had my premium GRAB CAR and whats my CAR.. Coming to my surprise it is Rolls Royce. I am so HAPPY To have my premium car during the whole trip to 1 Utama. Punctually arrived to my doorstep; I am being called by the driver that he had arrived below my office. Then, he fetches me to 1 Utama and we chat a little.

-Look ! It is a silky clean interior-

Not forgeting, SELFIE in the premium car too. The journey is indeed very SMOOTH and I am really enjoying the trip so much. The charges comes simply affordable and even though with the HIGH traffic suddenly, I no longer have to worry as the fare is FIX .

– Happy Face Me-

On the service side, the car is gorgeous and the service is indeed a good one being me a HAPPY customer and I can enjoy the view of KL, do not need to STRESS up myself with the massive JAM. You can book GRABCAR easily where it is using the same apps at MYTAXI but at different tab.

And what’s special about AUGUST? In conjunction with the month of Merdeka, GrabCar is offering a month-long 31% promotion for all GrabCar rides making it the most affordable ride in town this August! What more, GrabCar will reward its riders with a chance to ride in luxury and comfort with our luxury cars for absolutely FREE! Imagine arriving at your workplace with a Jaguar XF or the Hummer H3! Not just that, you can stand a chance to be picked up in a Rolls-Royce Ghost with every booking you make with GrabCar! Only available this month, so start grabbing rides!

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