Boutique 5 Star Resort and Spa at a Glance:

Highlights: Seafront resort, 2 Swimming Pools, Restfully Yours Spa
Nearby: Plearwan, Hua Hin Night Market, Cicada Weekend Market
Services: Free WiFi, Shuttle to Hua Hin Clock Tower, Valet Parking
Location: Hua Hin Soi 19, Petchkasem Road
Surrender to Serenity of Rest Detail Hotel, Hua Hin
Understated seaside elegance, traditional grace, complemented by warm homely touches and
pops of modern flair, Rest Detail Hotel Hua Hin invites you.

Rooms Selection

Rest Green
Bright and airy, elegantly casual, incredibly homely.Overlooking the tropical landscaped gardens of ourseaside resort

Rest Spirit
Maybe you’re the kind that likes to wake up early and watch the sunrise, maybe lazing around as the sun gently disappears into the horizon below helps you relax

Rest Horizon
We’ve heard that a picture paints a thousand words. Imagine how many words it’ll paint when you’re in your private Jacuzzi, out on your spacious terrace, sipping champagne taking in the incredible panoramic sea views

Pool Village
Peaceful, private, perfectly cocooned by our tropical landscaped gardens

Beach Village
Have you imagined waking up to the sea seconds from your doorstep? Being close enough to hear the waves caressing the coast? Lounging around, worshiping the sun in your own private enclave with panoramic views of Hua Hin’s clear blue seas and sky the only thing you see?

The Pavilions

North & South Rest Pavilion
Super comfortable, incredibly spacious, unbelievably private –discover the North and South Pavilion trifecta for a memorable seaside break, the Rest Detail Hua Hin way.

Beach Rest Pavilion
You wake up to the sound of the ocean crashing against the coast.You have breakfast with the family in your garden, with the ocean as your backdrop.

Grand Rest Pavilion
Every now and then you want to take a holiday with everyone – the whole family or all your friends. You want to spend time together, staying in the same space, playing in your own pool, eating breakfast, lunch and maybe even dinner, without having anyone else around.


Rest Scene
Clear skies, palm trees swaying, panoramic sea views as far as the eyes can see, turquoise swimming pool for the mind and body to relax in.

Rest Gastro
Open-plan yet intimate and super cozy, Rest Gastro serves up delicious Asian and International dishes prepared in a way that reminds you of mum’s home cooking.

A quiet spot, sidewalk café-esque, Respresso offers you a laidback atmosphere with comfy seating. A really nice place to sit and chill.

Dining by Design
Private candle-lit dinner, exquisite seafront lunch or gourmet picnic basket to take out and share with your ‘one’. Whatever the reason, whichever the occasion, Dining by Design at Rest Detail Hua Hin is here to meet all your requirements.

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