After their success in their Manmaru Udon in Mid Valley, the Manmaru brand had spreaded their wings and extended their brands serving Robatayaki. With the experience chef which had worked in reputable Japanese Restaurants and hotel, you will be assured of the quality food with the beautiful presentation and good food.


With the concept of modern Japanese Fusion food, Manmaru Robatayaki is indeed did not disappoint us from their interior decoration with the unique spotlighy. With the lovely lighting and elegant sitting at the front and private rooms in the inside, the restaurant is indeed well decorated and furnished.

Coral Bash Salada (RM 28)
The combination of delicious mash portatoes beautifully crafted and presented to the sea of coal.The presentation is simply amazed with the creamy soft appetizing mash potato with the okra, frid seaweeds, little ebi and also the glorius crispy crab with it. The dish is simply good and adorable and every mouthful is divinely good.


5 Sashimi of The Season (RM 150)
The lovely combination of the fresh bites from the sea where the all super duper fresh and I will definitely go back to enjoy all these fresh sashimi by myself. With the toro, salmon, maguro, tuna, and ebi with it, the sashimi comes simply appetizing and delicious.

Treasure in the Deep (RM28)
One of my favorite is the Treasure in the Deep which surpresed me with the unique taste.Served in the cocktail glass, the fresh seafood filing inside the crispy crust and dipped in the mixture of pumpkin and mango puree which makes a good combination.
Kushiyaki Moriawase (RM 68)
For those who are a big fans of Yakitori, don’t miss their lovely choices of Yakitori with 10 choices of yakotori like the Hotate , Negigame, Tebasaki, Shake, Tmato, Gyuniku Saikoro to name a few. Besides sets, they do served ala-carte sushi section too where you can have the Tsukune (3 Skewer @ RM 15), Eringi (3 Skewer @ RM 15), Kamo (3 Skewer @ RM 18)
Wagyu Roll (RM 68)
The Wagyu Roll is another dish which is worth to loo for. The wagyu roll which is thinly sliced is served with the sushi rice ball with it. Topped with the a tiny slice of gold leaf on top. Awesomely good. Each mouthful is filled with the juicy and yet flavourful wagyu. Nicely done.
Salmon Ikura Millefeuille (RM 45)
Presented beautifully with the sea of wasabi mayo with a bed of salmon and the little crab on top. And it is topped with the generous portion of the black ikura and the pulpy juicy ikura with it. Oishi!!
Sanuki Pasta (RM 38)
A hearty plate of stir fried udon with foie gras and assorted seafood. The pasta comes simply flavouful and delicious. The udon is ffilled with generous portion of squid, clams, and also prawns.Topped with those luxurious seafood ; it brings the heavy hint of foie gras .. oh my !! The taste is heavenly.
Pacific Ocean Grill (RM 68)
Not to be missed is also their Pacific Ocean Grill which brings you with the pot full of seafood sensation fresh from the sea. The portion of clams, squids, fish, scallops and aslo prawns were being seasoned and grilled till perfectionist with the brocolli and mushroom with it.
Wafu Spaghetti (RM 48)
The hearty playe of the braised spaghetti is served with the Flower Crab and Assorted Seafood. Every mouthful comes simply delicious.
Kimedai Half Fish (RM 330)
The seasonal fish –Kimedai which is one of the expensive dishes we had comes simply delicious. The fish is being barbecued with salt and every mouthful comes sinfully delicious. I love the dish so much where the meat comes simply flaky and the flavours is so awesome.

Never stop after the meal as Manmaru brings you delicious desserts too. Not just taste good but the presentation is a nice one too.
Jikasen Tiramisu (RM 18)
The homemade tiramisu is served with the chocolate flakes on top. It’s simply a melt in the mouth sensation with the scrumble sand of oreo and kahlua at the base
Coconut Ice Cream(RM 18)
Served in the coconut shell, the ice cream comes with the coconut fragrance with the appetizing taste. They added with the tiny gula melaka in the ice cream where it slowly burst when you accidentally bite it

Mango Gyoza (RM 19)
Presented like a gyoza, the mango and pear dumpling is being pan fried and served with the passion fruit sauce. Unique!
Apple Gravity Beer (RM 28)
Uniquely presented with the bottle are upside down, the drink is a combination of lime juice and Tiger beer. Odd combination but the taste comes simply good.

Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar
Ground Floor,
Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 22/23,
Damansara Jaya, 47400
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(opposite Nando)
Tel: 03-7733 1038
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm

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