The Festive Buffet takes centre stage at Lemon Garden Cafe, Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, from 18 June to 16 July. There will also be a BBQ by the Terrace.

The Festive Buffet offers a wide repertoire of traditional Malay dishes in addition to Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Italian and other western dishes.

It is priced at RM155 nett (adult) and RM77.50 nett (child) from Sunday to Friday. On Saturday when it is also Seafood Night, it is RM188 nett (adult) and RM94 nett (child). From 18 June to 26 June, except for 20 June, there is an Early Bird Offer at RM140 nett (adult) and RM70 nett (child).

Ramadan is that time of the year where Malay salads, kampong side dishes, festive specials, curries, satay, Malay soups, hot food items and desserts are the highlights at the best buffet in the Lemon Garden Cafe.

It also includes the BBQ Corner at the Lemon Garden Cafe Terrace. Here you will be served Iranian Tikka Mastih (marinated beef cubes with yoghurt) and Shish Taouk (boneless chicken cubes).

At the Carving Corner savour Kambing Panggang Berempah dengan Nasi Briyani (spiced roasted whole lamb served with briyani rice), Ikan Pari Bakar Asam Pedas and Ikan Keli Panggang Masak Gulai Tempoyak.

Some of the cold appetisers and Malay salads are Kerabu Pucuk Paku, Kerabu Perut Lembu, Acar Ikan Masin, Udang Galah Goreng Berempah, Urap Sayuran, Bergedil Ayam and Otak-otak.

Savour Fishhead Curry and Slow Cooked Beef Rib with Mild Curry Sauce at the Curry and Gulai Corner.

Main Malay hot dishes include Udang Harimau Masak Rendang Pedas, Sambal Sotong and Bubur Lambok.

At the Dessert Counter you can have an Apam Balik (pancake) hot off the skillet, Fresh Crepes with Durian Gravy and Fried Cempedak and Banana.

For reservations or more information, call (03) 2074 3900 or email [email protected] or visit our site at www.shangri-la-specials.com.

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