KFC Malaysia is bringing in a very unique yet familiar taste with a local twist for customers to enjoy this coming festive season, introducing the new KFC Ayam Kicap Meletup featuring KFC’s so good chicken with a touch of Malaysia’s favourite condiments – a combination of ‘meletup’ spices and unique soy sauce.
“The new product is all about a ‘unique taste with a local twist’ that customers can indulge in this upcoming Ramadan and Raya festivities. At the affordable price of just RM10.95, you’ll get a complete meal good to be had during buka puasa with friends and family. We would like our customers to share the awesome taste of KFC Ayam Kicap Meletup with everyone!” said Ahmad Taufek Omar, Chief Digital Marketing & Information Technology, KFC Malaysia.
With the tagline “So Meletup Sure Must Share”, the KFC Ayam Kicap Meletup features a delicious unique flavour which is too good to keep to yourself. It is KFC’s chicken fried to perfection with a meletup combination of unique soy sauce, chili flakes, and delectable spices. The outcome is a fusion of flavours that adds real kick to the fried chicken.
KFC is offering the Ayam Kicap Meletup in a variety of combos at such an affordable price. For a two piece combo, customers can choose between the Oriental Combo (rice with original recipe gravy) and the Western combo (with fries) both priced at RM10.95 each. If you’re dining big, the KFC Ayam Kicap Meletup also comes in a Family Feast which consists of nine pieces of chicken, a large whipped potato along with a FREE 1.5 litre Pepsi and large fries all for the price of only RM42.50 (RM8.50 per pax).
A limited edition KFC Candy Crush Cutlery set will be up for grabs when you purchase the premium Ayam Kicap Meletup bucket. The good quality stainless steel cutlery set comes with a porcelain handle in four different colorful designs. The premium Ayam Kicap Meletup buckets are priced at RM51.00 and RM74.25 respectively. The Candy Crush Cutlery set can also be purchased separately at RM9.95 per set.
So make your visit to the nearest KFC today and enjoy the Ayam Kicap Meletup which is now available starting from 11 June, while stocks last.


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    Yes! This new flavour from KFC, the Ayam Kicap Meletup, is really awesome. I had one 2 weeks ago and couldn’t wait to have another one. Last weekend I dreamt about it (!!!) and I had my second dose earlier this week. I’m going to have my 3rd helping for dinner today. Can’t wait for dinnertime. Oh, so yummy!
    I really hope KFC would consider adding this version of their chicken to their regular menu, and not just having it for a limited time only. Please, please, please.

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