Boathouse at TTDI is a restaurant and bar serving a mix of Continental and local food. And what’s more, the hidden jewel have been operating for more than a decade. It simply because food is great, price is value-for-money and service is decent.
Helmed under Chef Yenni Law, a very passionate and humble chefwhose love good food had open Boat House 11 years back. Chef Yenni has also launched her own cookbook, Meatology in partnership with MPH. In her book, she stated that it was her mother who ignited her passion and also trained her for her passion in the F&B world.
Swine Satay (RM 28)
The well grilled till perfection marinated pork meat, stomach and intestines in lemongrass, fresh turmeric and tamarind. It is served with the grandma’s pineapple peanut sauce which is awesomely good and different compared to the normal peanut sauce.

Caramelized Roast Pork with Garlic Cloves (RM 31)
150gm roast pork alongside bacon sautéed with harlic and baby chilies, caramelized with the brown sugar and flamed with brandy . The delicious roast pork comes with the tender juicy meat which is simply addictive. It is indeed enjoyable if it is being served with a tall glass of beer to go with this dish.
Ying Yang Tenderloin (RM 69)
The juicy and yet tender 220 gm Australian grain-fed prime steak fillet is being grilled to doneness and it is set on a bed of the ying yang combination sauce which is the cheese sauce marrying with the black pepper sauce. If you prefer a more luxurious meal, add on the foie gras at RM 30 only.
Tortenni Truffle Essence and Porcini Mushroom (RM 38)
The great serving of tortellini is served in reduced cream, porcini mushroom and an infusion of white truffle essence.
Squid Ink Risotto (RM 42)
The dish which wins many hearts where the scallop, prawn, fish and squid cooked in Arborio Rice infused with squid ink. Deliciously done!

Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs (RM 58+)
The highlights of the night is of course the Sticky Fingers of the Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs. Served with the garlic rosemary roasted potatoes and apple slaw. The finger lickering good spicy bbq pork ribs come simply juicy in its meat. All these lovely aromas and flavours came together in this wonderful sauce.
Crepe Suzette (prepared and flamed from the wagon](RM 30)
Freshly madeon the spot, the french crepe doused in orange butter sauce and caramel, flambéed with Cointreau and Cognac before your eyes. Served together with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with it. Awesomely good.
Brownies (RM 16)

The warm brownies is being backed with morsels of walnut and served with a single cream, topped off with the vanilla ice cream.

BoatHouse Restaurant
16, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-7727 4426
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri – 11am to 3pm, 6pm to 12am, Sat – 12pm to 4pm, 6pm to 1 am, Sunday Closed.

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