Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches, a new kid in Sea Park is a place for some porky sensation. Easily spotted, it is just next to Maybank and they are famed for their tackling pork ribs & sandwiches. It is more than just a sandwich place but they have more than that and at night you can enjoy some “gig” as well.
One of the famous items here is the BBQ Pork Ribs- The Ultimate Tickle (RM 38/Full) which comes with 6 piece of ribs or you can opt for the 3 piece ribs (RM 20.00/half slab). The pork ribs are well marinated with their secret recipe and it is then being fired till perfection bring us with the juicy and tender meat in the insider while craky at the outside.

Asides from the ribs, savour their Sandwiches too. The style of ordering is like Subway where you can choose your patty from the Lazzy Bone (RM 22), Braise Me Up (RM 16), Chew Bak Wa (RM 16) . Pull Your Legs (RM 16), Once You Go Black (RM 15) , SSShook Sendiri (RM 15) and Hoilam Ting (RM 15). Then choose the bread you prefer where they have a choice of wholemeal, charcoal and white bread. And finally, top your porky sensation with the choce of fried egg, cheese or caramelized onion with RM 2.00 top up. Aside, you can make more to your sandwiches which you can have some add-on with a drink and also a fries at RM 10.00.
If you are not a sandwich person, you can try their Rice or noodles selection. Enjoy your Katsudon (RM 12) with the pork with it. The warm bowl of aromatic katsudon makes a good and delicious hearty serving which is indeed a comfort food to me. TICKLISH
If you are looking for noodles instead, they have the Spaghetti Bolongese (RM 12) that cmes with the Ticklish twist.

No.5, Ground floor,
Jalan 21/11A, Sea Park,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Phone number: 016-228 8419

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