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Located at The Strand, The Uma brings you with the taste of Balianese here and another one is The Waterlily which I known of. The Uma offer an extended Balinese menu manned by the chef & owner- Yau Chan who have spent most of his years working in Indonesia previously. He pursued his dreams by opening The Uma’s doors to public 3 years ago and his enthusiasm in bringing Bali’s recipes.

Occupying 2 floor of the shoplots, they have the ground floor were arranged with table & chairs while the upper floor incorporated the comfortable Balinese interior which the patrons could opt to sit on the floor surrounded by the paddy field wallpaper.. it is indeed relaxing.

Each individual or group sets are served with the main dishes of your choice and side dishes such as sate lilit (fish satay), jukut urab (mixed vegetables salad that consists of long bean, kangkung and bean sprouts with shredded coconut), plecing kangkung (kangkung salad tossed with sambal), kentang goreng (spiced potato fries), shredded chicken, sambal tomat (sambal with tomatoes) and sambal mbe (sambal with fried shallots and chilies). Served on top of the rattan food trays and banana leaves.
the uma
Iga Mepanggang (RM 27)
We started with their Iga Mepanggang (RM 27) which is one of the signature dish here at The Uma. The grilled pork ribs are being marinated with the Spicy Classic Balianese sauce and served with the Black Eyed Pea Rice and venom of Balianese Side Dishes. The huge portion the Iga Mempanggang is well done with the sides with it and every mouthful of the delights comes sinfully good. I love the moist and tender porky ribs which is indeed flavourful.
the uma
The Sate Geleng Asam (RM 14)
Tender pork satay with the light sweet and sourish taste. Served with the appetizing satay sauce with it.
the uma

the uma
Urutan (RM 15)
One of the signature in The Uma, the fried pork sausage in pork Intestine. Its urutan is similar to German sausages but it has the flavours of Asian spices packed inside. When we are being told on that it is served in pork intestine, I am a bit hesitate to try it, but once a bite I am totally in love with it.
the uma
Pesan Be Pasih (RM 20)
The grilled fish which is marinated with the Balianese Spice and cooked in Banana Leaf. Wrapped together with aluminium foil, the fish is well cooked with the fragrant hint of pandan infused in the fish.
the uma

Bebel Mengoreng (RM 22)
Deliciously done crispy duck which is well marinated till perfection. The duck comes moist and tender and every mouthful give us a juicy sensation.

the uma

Jus Apokat (Indonesian Avocado Juice) (RM 9)
The avocado juice was made with avocado and milk along with swirls of chocolate. Comes with sweet and creamy sensation.

the uma
Es Timun Segar (Fresh Cucumber, Lime and Mint juice) (RM7)
The cucumber juice brings us a refreshing taste.

The Uma
7-G & 7-1 Jalan PJU 5/21
The Strand
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-6142-2771
Fax: 03-6142-2770
email: [email protected]

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