Opened by the person behind Cielo Dolci, Whimsical Café is another baby from the team where they are famed for their Malaysian style of gelato where you can find flavours like Think nasi lemak gelato, popcorn gelato, teh tarik gelato and more. Whimsical Café is not just serving galeto but they have more than that where the owners incorporate gelato into their savory menu courses.

Since I am in Publika, we had our visit to there for some afternoon sweet delights. The Mozzarella Fried Cheese (RM14.90) serves us with a savory blend of delights where the mozzarella cheese is being served together with the honey dip. Nicely done, the fried cheese comes so good that one is never enough.
Their famous pastry comes to the guys favourite too where both guys who are not a pastry lover had give a double thumbs up for this. Little Grace keep saying “Delicious” when having it as well. The Guanaja (RM 14.90) is where the crème brulee is being sandwiched with the milky and fragrant blend of the dark chocolate mousse. It is so awesomely good with the rich flavours of chocolate infused within.
Being here, Gelato is something a must for us here. No Nasi Lemak flavour for today, we had the Double Gelato with waffle with it. The chocolate and rum & raisins come awesomely good with the moist waffle that give nicely crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. Nicely done!
Mocha (RM 13)

The delights comes awesomely good with the great environment as well as good food. Expect to pay a little more for breakfast here, it is priced slightly above the cafe-average

Whimsical D2-G3-05,
Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur
(behind the main Publika building, opposite Namoo)
Open daily from 9am to 11pm
Food is served from 9am to 5pm Gelato,
drinks and cakes are available served from 5pm.

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