menya kamikaze 1 mont kiara

1 Mont Kiara brings you with more delicious meal and this round we stumbled on Menya Kamikaze which is another ramen joint. During meal time, this ramen place is always packed. Sometimes there is a short queue too. Their menu is pretty straight forward. Easy to understand, their meal comes good with the ramen, gohan and some simple appetizers while you are waiting for your meals.
menya kamikaze 1 mont kiara
Started off with the Gyoza Age (RM 10) where it is served with 6 pcs in it. The yoza is indeed well done with the crispiness on the skin itself and inside in filled with the juicy and moist meat in it. Awesomely good.
menya kamikaze 1 mont kiara
Next come our noodles where we are pampered with their Pork Soup Ramen Kamikaze (RM 22). The milky white broth which served with the 2 pcs roasted pork, an egg, spring onion, onion, bamboo shoots, black fungus and seaweed. The portion comes pretty generous with huge pieces of roasted pork in it. The roasted pork comes thick and juicy and each mouthful is indeed appetizing. Everything else was wonderful too.

menya kamikaze 1 mont kiara
Spicy Pork Soup Ramen (RM 21) is another ramen which gives us a blend of spiciness in it. For those who are looking for a kick of spiciness in their ramen, you can choose to enjoy the Spicy Pork Soup Ramen instead.
menya kamikaze 1 mont kiara

Well, the Black Spicy Ramen (RM 26) comes to our favorite where the soup base is more garlicky and pungent compare to the milky pork bone soup. It’s consisted of the standard condiments like the pork soup ramen.
menya kamikaze 1 mont kiara
Last but not least is one of the unique ramen we had which is the Basil Pork Soup ramen (RM 26). The healthier blend of ramen with the unent taste of basil in it. A basil lover? Perhaps you would love it.


If you are a big fans of ramen, Menya Kamikaze perhaps would be a good choice of ramen to try too

Menya Kamikaze
Lot 1-2, 1st Floor,
1 Mont Kiara
Tel: 03-62119499

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