(Pictures from UMagazine FB)

For those who are a Minion fans, there will be a Minion Craze here at Universal Studio Osaka. Tiny yellow round-headed creatures with googly eyes took center stage on March 6 at Universal Studios Japan as the theme park opened its new Minion Plaza in an area dedicated to the popular characters.

(Pictures from UMagazine FB)

The banana-loving, gibberish-blathering Minions are featured in the 2010 computer animation blockbuster “Despicable Me,” as the henchmen of the villain protagonist Gru.

(Pictures from UMagazine FB)

Minion figurines and other goods are on sale at a shop in Minion Plaza, and performances featuring dancing Minions will start from March 20.

For those who are a big fans of Minions, you can get to see them and buy the merchandises from the Universal Studio Osaka


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