Restaurant Gou Lou Fish Head Noodles (财记高佬驰名鱼头米馆) is another eatery place which is located along Jalan Alor. They have a branch in PJ Damansara Uptown which I tried earlier. The restaurant Gou Lou in Jalan Alor is indeed packed with locals and it is they do very well just selling fish head noodles, fish balls and surprisingly – chicken curry noodles. They have been around for ages.
Restaurant Gou Lou Fish Head Noodles
Fried Fish Head Noodles (RM 8.50) are well served with plentiful of fish head in it. Comes well with the thick soup which is added with evaporated milk in it. The taste comes pretty normal and not much to shout about as well.
Restaurant Gou Lou Fish Head Noodles

Restaurant Gou Lou Fish Head Noodles

As for the Fish Paste Noodles (RM 8.00) ; it comes good and to my favorites. The blend of light sourish soup with the moist and tender fish paste is awesomely good which I give a two thumbs up for this.

If you love more, do make a visit to try some of their tomyam and curry noodles too.

Restaurant Gou Lou
Address: 37 Jalan Alor, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 012-665-4095
Opening hours: 7am – 4pm, closed on Wednesdays
GPS: 3.133296, 101.621527


  1. Shayley says

    Please be aware of their bad attitude. The prices had increased so much. If you check blogs from few years ago, it used to be RM5 or RM5.50. Seriously 70% increase? That’s higher than our national yearly inflation rate. Now RM9 small bowl tomyam seafood. During payment, they insist to charge me RM10 & said they served me the L size & why have I kept quiet. I didn’t even bother to argue that it’s my 1st visit. How would I know which is small or large size. They served the wrong size & tried to say I was keeping quiet to take advantage? Come on I’m not a tourist. Beware of their fleecing!

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