Villa Danielli

– The Classy Interior-

Villa Danielli

Villa Danieli at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur is said to serve one of the best Italian food in KL. The restaurant is located at the beautiful view across the pool and looking at the KL Tower view. Villa Danieli is indeed bringing you an intimate dining experience is set against a mural created by Mindy Lehrman Cameron depicting a lively dining scene in the restaurant’s interior, flanked by a rough finishing that recreates the ambience of a typical Italian villa.
Villa Danielli
In here, we started of with the hearty bowl of Wild Mushroom Soup (RM 38.00) where the selected wild mushroom is being cooked for hours till it is creamy. Added with the cream, and truffle oil with it, the bowl of Hearty Mushroom Soup is as good as it is.
Villa Danielli
Coming next is the Light Tamarind Tomato Soup (RM 38.00) comes awesomely delicious where the tomato soup is being cooked together with the slipper lobster and basil oil. Served together with the garlic bread. I love the sourish blend of the tomato based. The soup comes appetizing to start off our meal.
Villa Danielli
As for our mains, we had the Squid Ink Ravioli (RM 56.00) and the squid ink fresh pasta is being stuffed with the cream cod fish in tomato bisque sauce , clam, roasted cherry tomato and rocket salad. The Ravioli comes pretty creamy and heavy with the fragrant taste of the tomato bisque sauce. It is indeed a great combination and each mouthful is such a divine.
Villa Danielli
While, I had the Stew Cod Fish (RM 95) which comes in the right portion. Huge portion of cod fish which is being stewed till perfection and served with the creamy sauce, capers berry, salad, sautéed spinanch and chick pea. The cod fish is well done with the flaky texture. It’s moist texture of the fish itself remains and I love the creamy sauce which is accompanied together with it. Awesome !

Villa Danielli

Every meal will end us with a sweet note I had the “Villa Danieli” Tiramisu (RM 32) where it brings us with the great mascarpone cheese mouse layered with coffee and soaked with the sponge finger. The awesome desserts prepared with the soft texture and creamy blend of alcoholic touch. Each mouthful of the tiramisu is perfect; melts in the mouth with the light liquor blend.

Villa Danieli
Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur
129 Jalan Sultan Ismail,50250 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours:
Mondays – Fridays: 12pm – 2.30 (Lunch)
Mondays – Saturdays: 6.30pm – 10.30pm (Dinner)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Tel: +603 2717 9922

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