– Chef Micheal Koh from Sagano on the right-

Chef de Cuisine Michael Koh who is a brand new addition to the Japanese kitchen brings a wealth of experience to Sagano, having worked in an extensive range of renowned hotels and exotic vacation destinations such as Maldives, Papua New Guinea and Bali. Drawing from his encounters with the variety of cultures and food in faraway destinations has inspired him to add a pleasingly contemporary twist on his Japanese dishes. Using both local and imported ingredients, Chef Michael emphasizes on the simplicity of the dishes to produce exquisite flavours and textures. Together with his culinary team,
Sagano has lined up a tantalizing Festival Menu that is sure to tickle the palate. Started with the appetizers, we started with the Salmon Sashimi Canapé on Cold Inaniwa Udon with Ikura. The Cold Inaniwa Udon comes awesomely done with the slurpy blend and it is top with ikura with it. The bursting ikura sensation is amazingly good and the sashimi which is served together had made a great combination.

Coming next is the Hot delicacies where the serving of comes with 3 items which is the Live Tiger Prawn, Capelin Fish Tempura and Chicken Jibuni Style together with BBQ Mackerel and Fish Roe.

The Live Tiger Prawns comes fresh and chewy and the tiger prawns is grilled till perfection. It is then topped with the chef’s signature sauce which brings up the overall taste.

As for the Capelin Fish Tempura, it is being wrapped with the tempura powder and deep fried till crispiness. Together with it is is being served together with the BBQ Mackarel with it.

The Chicken Jibuni Styles awesomely good where every mouthful is indeed melts in the mouth with the tender and juicy chicken meat with it.
Soup comes next. We are served with the warm and yet appetizing soup which is the Hokkaido Scallop and Seabass in the Clear Sashi Brooth. The Scallops are pluppy huge with the savory taste that comes with it. Serving together is the Seabass fish which absorb the fragrant taste from the Clear Sashi Brooth which is amazingly good.
As for the mains, we head to the Yakimono Platter where it comes with the two items which is the Grilled Lobster with Homemade Cream Gratin and accompanied with Grilled Marinated Cod and Japanese Miso. The platter comes awesome with the flaky cod fillet which melts in the mouth. The lobster however comes awesomely good where the meat is juicy with the fresh meat that served well with it.
As for the Pan Seared Sliced Wagyu Sirloin Roll with Bean Curd in Japanese Moromiso Sauce is well pan seared till medium rare and it is roll with the bean curd in the middle. The wagyu beef comes awesome with the juicy bites and each mouthful is divinely delicious with the succulent meat.
Ended our mains with the Unagi and Mushroom Rice Wrapped in Egg with Honey Teriyaki Glaze. A twist of Japanese and Malaysian fare, the rice is good with the mushroomy taste in it and it is topped with the thin layered of the egg with it. Nice!
As for the desserts, we had the green tea ice cream pancake and selection of mochi with it. The Pancake comes fluffy and well compliments with the creamy fragrant green tea ice cream with it. As for the mocha, it is so good that each mouthful is filled with the fragrant red bean in it. Nice combination.

The Festival Menu is priced at RM188++ per person (without Sake) and RM238++ per person (with Sake) as well as RM158.00++ for a light Festival Menu without wines consisting of appetizers, soup, choice of one (1) main and dessert for those opting for a quick bite.

Sagano Japanese Restaurant
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel,
1st Floor, West Wing.
Opening Hours:
12.00pm to 2.30pm (Lunch)
6.30pm to 11.00pm (Dinner)
For reservations or enquiries, please call 03-2162 2233 or email [email protected]

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