This year, Dynasty Restaurant from Renaissance Hotel KL featuring the Executive Sous Chef- Chef Kok Chee Kin with its festival menu for the MIGF 2014. Dynasty Restaurant is no longer a new restaurant in MIGF but Chef Kin had not disappoint his patrons this year with the exclusive MIGF menu with more luscious and luxurious dining experience.
Presenting graciously on our table, Chef Kin served us with the Pan-fried dragon beard prawns with green tea, stuffed peking duck, seared Hokkaodo Scallop and Mushroom Blossom. It is simply well presented with the colorful twist where each of the item comes simply appetizing.
The Dragon Beard Prawns is amazingly good where the prawns is wrapped with the dragon beard and left to deep fried till golden yellow. The delights comes in vabriant colors wit the crispy dragon beared skin while the prawns comes moist and juicy. Accompanied with it; is the green tea paste. The delights is amazingly good where I can felt the prawns dancing in my mouth.
As for the pan seared Hokkaido Scallops, the scallopsis served together with the mushroom. It is being toppped with Chef;s signature sauce which brings the overall flavours to the top. The juicy scallop with the complete moist in it is so delicious and every munch of the scallop comes very juicy.
As for the Stuffed Peking Duck, where The petite spring roll stuffed with the cut carrots and cucumber with the duck sauce is well wrapped. It is then being topped with the crispy peking duck skin on top. Awesome!. I love the sauce which is accompanied together with teh crispily done peking duck skin.
The nutritious soup comes next which is the Ginseng, White and Summer greens, fish maw consomme. Filled with the premium ingridients like the Ginseng, Huge mushroom, fish maw and also the bamboo pinch in it; you will be assured of a flavourful blend of soup with the fragrance of ginseng in it.
Mains comes luxurious We had the Drunken Chicken Timbale, Stewed whole Abalone with the Chestnuts and Jujube Fruits. I am a “lucky” girl today where I just love how the abalone is presented. The Drunken Chicken Timbale is where the chicken meat is marinated with the Chinese wine and it is then being molded in circle cubes and stacked in up to chilled. As for the Abalone, it is well stewed with the abaone sauce and then is served yogether with the Chestnuts and Jujube Fruits. It’s chewy texture with the fragrant abalone sauce is amazingly delicious. Two Thumbs Up!
We had the Steamed King Prawns with Chinese Wine and Wheat Vermicelli, The smooth texture of the wheat vermicelli soaked with the sweet brooth which is steamed together with the king prawns and Chinese Wine is simply double thumbs up. Slurpy noodles, with the juicy prawns is just so good and every mouthful is heavenly done.

– Chilled Organic Pumpkin Puree with Sago and Bird Nest, Coconut Ice Cream-
End your meal with the Chilled Organic Pumpkin Puree with Sago and Bird Nest, Coconut Ice Cream. Instead of the normal Mango Sago, Chef Kin twisted its menu with the Organic Pumpkin with Sago and bird nest which is more healthy blend of desserts. The pumpkin puree comes with less sweetness is well accompanied with the homemade coconut ice cream which is indeed creamy and smooth. It makes a perfect combination where the deserts comes not too sweet after the mix and match together.

Dynasty Restaurant’s Festival Menu is priced at RM188++ per person (without wines) and RM238++ per person (with wines) as well as RM158.00++ for a light . Festival Menu without wines consisting of appetizers, soup, choice of one (1) main and dessert for those opting for a quick bite.

Festival diners will also enjoy a host of privileges such as:-
– 20% discount on selected Wines and Champagne
– 20% discount on any Beverages with the Festival Menu
– 15% discount on selected cigars with the Festival Menu
– Book more than 6 seats and enjoy 25% discount on the Festival Menu
– 20% discount on a la carte orders

Make a date with us all throughout October to discover and experience these pleasurable dining delights. Please call 03-2162 2233 or email [email protected] for restaurant reservations.

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Dynasty Restaurant @ Level 1, East Wing
Daily from 12.00 noon – 2.30 pm and from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

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