Don’t be blue, be GREEN! Millions of trees are being cut down to produce paper and our carbon
footprint is growing by the day. It’s time for a change with New Zealand Natural! They have been
strong advocates of green practices and now they’re spreading the joy!
To discourage the use of environmentally unfriendly plastic bags & foam boxes, New Zealand Natural
has introduced their own Ice Cream Cooler Bags! To encourage customers to use these bags, cash
rebates on Ice Cream Take Home Packs are given to customers who present these Cooler Bags
during their purchase.
On top of that, New Zealand Natural has introduced “Book Crossing – Drop & Pick Up a Book” at
selected stores, to encourage the public to send in their pre-loved books and swap it with a book on
the shelves. Share a good read with others, reduce the number of printed books in circulation, and
save money all at the same time! So instead of throwing out your old books – put them to good use.
In the month of October, New Zealand Natural is rewarding those who return New Zealand Natural
cone sleeves to their stores.Enjoy RM2.00 off a Junior ice cream or receive a FREE* Junior ice cream
depending on the quantity of cone sleeves returned.

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