-Photo Credit to Lenovo website

A laptop for me this year and we got the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. It is a long time decision to get my laptop where it is always for the to juggle between some brands. Taking the time choosing for a laptop is indeed a tough decision and is finally decided on the Yoga 2 Pro.

I had been using the laptop for more than 6 months and had decided to do some writeups on it. The laptop comes with the striking color of Orange (not a fans of the color though ) but it is just unique as it is .

With the 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4500U Processor (1.80GHz 1600MHz 4MB); the laptop speed is simply a excellent one where it can assist in my work like photo editing and more.

Using the Window 8 surface and with the touch screen with it, i can use it as ipad as well where I can have my work done so easily with the choice of virtual keyboard. The touch screen responsive is perfectly smooth and reading through the screen is not much a problem.

The back-light on the keyboard do help me as well when i am working at night and not lighting up the whole room.

Giving with the SSD Hard drive build in, to start up my laptop just take me less than 3 minutes and I have everything start up so easily.

As for the battery, it comes with the 4 Cell 54 Watt Hour Lithium-Ion where it can last up to 6-7 hours for normal usage and if I am doing multi tasking like listening to music with some facebook games and all; it will be around 3-4 hours.

– Photo Credit to Lenovo Website

The thin notebook is just perfect to be in the bag and the cons is I need more USB plugs where there is only 2 usb which is not enough for me. And what’s more it is less than 2 kg including the charger that comes with it.

Overall, I would say the laptop is indeed a recommended laptop to go for!

Price: RM 4000.00


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