Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Subang is presenting a wholesome new flavours during this Mid-Autumn Festival from 15 August to 12 September 2014. The freshly baked homemade mooncakes are available daily at The Inn of Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant at the Lobby Level.

Traditional Chinese mooncakes are eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival that occurs on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month – falling in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar. The full moon is traditionally a symbol for reunion (tuan yuan) and the Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family reunions and “gathering around the hearth” (yuan means round). Families gather to admire the moon, eat mooncakes and partake in the other cultural traditions. Enjoying the moon is an ancient tradition in China going back nearly 1,400 years. Celebrating the moon during mid-autumn appears to have occurred since Zhou Dynasty times.
Today, mooncakes are still considered an indispensable delicacy and are offered by friends and colleagues and at family gatherings while celebrating the festival. This year, we will be showcasing delicious flavours such as Precious Black and White Pearl, Ping Pei (snow skin) Green Tea Custard Azuki, Tiramisu, Shanghai Lotus and the irresistible Five Nuts Mooncake. Our mooncake starts at RM16.80 per piece. We are also offering special deal for purchases above 15 boxes and our F&B treats Card member will enjoy a 30% discount of the mooncake purchases.

For more information or to place your orders, please call 03-5633 8788 Ext 7230 (The Inn of Four Seasons) or visit our website at www.holidayvillahotelsubang.com

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