Jaya Shopping Centre had opened around 3 months more. More and more shops are opening in here which includes eateries like Soup Restaurant, Starbucks, Serai, Bariuma Ramen and more. Thai Express which is located the same floor as Soup Restaurant do make me happy now where I can have Thai Food here finally. Located at the third floor, the restaurant comes with black table, cozy table sitting and friendly staff
We had the Kho Phat Supparod Talay (RM 14.90). The pineapple fried rice served with seafood which includes squids and prawns in it. Served together with slices of pan fried egg and also a bulk of cashewnut with it. The rice comes pretty good with the fluffy texture. Nice combination. The chicken floss which is side by side with the chicken floss and the chewy cashewnuts makes the taste even better.
Next we had the Pad Tlay Talay (RM 15.90). Stir fried Pad Thai with Seafood is served with the scrumptious ingridients with it. The prawns are not too fresh and kinda small here, but the taste is quite a good and delicious one to go for.

Overall, it is quite a good place for Thai food if you are some where nearby Jaya Shopping Centre.

Thai Express.
Lot 3-15,
Level Three, Jaya Shopping Centre,
Jalan Semangat,
Section 14,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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