Kedai Ayamas recently launched its special Ayam Panggang Klasik, a new roaster with the tagline ‘Cita rasa hebat turun-temurun’ – Recipe for legacy, with a twist of traditional local recipe that will take you back to the good old nostalgic days.

Inspired by traditional Malay cuisine, the tender and well-loved juicy Kedai Ayamas roaster is marinated with a combination of fresh ingredients and spices such as shallots, garlic, turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, cili padi, and coconut milk. The flavour sensation from spicy and slightly creamy will definitely tantalize your taste buds, complemented with a plate of chicken rice and a bowl of tasty soup, the Ayam Panggang Klasik will make for a great buka puasa treat that everyone will look forward to this upcoming Ramadan.

“With our new flavour and its unique exquisite taste, I am confident that the Ayam Panggang Klasik will be a hit amongst our customers. Not just for those celebrating Ramadan but also for all Malaysians to enjoy,” said Hishamuddin Hamidon, General Manager, Kedai Ayamas.

A whole Ayam Panggang Klasik costs RM28.90, Half Roaster for RM17.90 and quarter roaster for RM10.90. The roaster is also available in ‘Super Duper’ sets. Klasik set 1 consists of one roaster, four bowls of rice and four bowls of soups for the price of RM31.90. Klasik set 2 consists of half roaster, 2 bowls of chicken rice and 2 bowls of soup for RM19.90. The promotion also includes add-on dessert which is a piece of muffin for RM1.30. Apart from the latest Ayam Panggang Klasik, three other signature Roasters are also available namely the Percik Roaster, Pepper Roaster and the Golden Roaster.

The advertising and promotion for this campaign includes in-store marketing materials, neighbourhood leaflet drop, magazines, social media such as website and Facebook ads as well as tie up events with KL FM for a wider reach to customers.

The Klasik Roaster is now available at all Kedai Ayamas outlets in Peninsular Malaysia for a limited time period starting from 3 June 2014 to 4 August 2014.

For more information on Kedai Ayamas, please visit our website at or log on to our Facebook page: Ayamas Roasters and also Twitter @AyamasRoasters.

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