Being in Teluk Intan this round, we had more food adventure compared to our usual delughts. I spotted the little coffee shop which is famed for its coffee. I need my energy !! Being a must for me; I had pop into the café – Coffee Lab for my coffee indulgence. Operated by a group of youngsters; Coffee Lab is simply a place to have your decent coffee and some fusion delights in the air – conditional café.

The menu is not impressive basically; where they have the listing on the food with small pictures for some delights at the corner of the menu itself. We had our order of coffee and some bites for now.
At the affordable price; we ordered the Coffee Ice Cubes (RM 8.50) where the shots of espresso served in the form of ice cubes and it is being poured with milk in it. The coffee starts with the sweetness at the first and it is ended with the bitter-sweet taste.
For me, I had the café latte (RM 6.50). Served with simple coffee art; the coffee is served hot and beautifully done. Smooth texture coffee with the complete nice blend of the coffee taste ; it is just as lovely as it is.
Another coffee we had is the Affogato ( RM 6.50) . The thick fragrant of espresso served with the ice cream is just divine as it is. The affogato comes perfectly well to my favorites and its taste is just as good as it is. I love the blend of the coffee as it it.
Beside coffee which is being served; we ordered some mains – Black Pepper Chicken Chop (RM 9.50) and Mushroom Chicken Chop (RM 9.50). The black pepper chicken chop is a good one. The chicken thigh is being breadcrumbs as it is then being deep fried till perfection. It is then being drenched with the thick spicy black pepper sauce with it. The kick of spiciness is there and it brings up the overall taste.
For those who love to have some mushroomy delights; the Mushroom Chicken Chop is something to look for. The mushroom sauce which is creamy is drenched over in generous amount and it is being accompanied with the portion of fries.

Overall; the café is a good place to hang out with friend and family at affordable price. As for service; they are slightly slow but food is above par.

Coffee Lab Teluk Intan ( next to Secret Recipe)
Bandar Baru, Teluk Intan Ipoh 36000
GPS: 4.0179464 , 101.0209797
Tel : 605 621 6860

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