It has been a long time I would love to get some massage chair. I am tight with my busy schedule and I have been not pampering myself for good. Finally, we decided to get something at home for our leisure. Looking at few brands, I had decided to go for OSIM. Well, it is noteable and famous brand for its massage and their “King Massage Chair” which is andorsed by HK Pop Star Andy Lau.

I wish to have that but it is simply to expensive to get one. Well, forget about the expensive massage chair. We finally got their portable unit which is the OSIM uRelax. Osim uRelax is not new anymore but it is one of the cheaper choice to go for especially for budget people like me.

uRelaxRejuvenating massage in the comfort of your seatTransform your chair into a massage chair with the OSIM uRelax for a pampering back massage

Multi-action full-back and seat massageChoose from 3 massage modes (Shiatsu, Swing and Rolling), vibration and soothing heat to relieve aches and strains from your back. Combine it with a full-back, upper back or lower back massage option to achieve your ideal massage.

Shiatsu massageThe massage rollers move in wide circles to simulate the kneading action of a masseuse’s hands for deep tissue relief.

Swing massageThe massage rollers move in a continuous swivel motion to ease away aches and stiffness.

Rolling massageThe massage rollers glide steadily along the curves of your back to stretch the muscles and relieve pressure from the spinal discs.

Vibration massageThe relaxing vibration in the seat helps to ease tensions and fatigue in the lower body.

Soothing heatThe soothing heat on the back helps improve circulation and enhance the massage benefits.

Control at your fingertipsDesigned for easy operation, the controller lets you select your desired massage programme, vibration massage intensity and heat function with the touch of a button.

Overall, it is a great item to purchase at RM 498, where I can have some massage despite of my tight schedule.


  1. Shanelle says

    hi, i am looking for a mobile seat massager for my parent, can i know where do u get this item? because i ve called to OSIM & they said this product was discontinued. My budget is about RM500, thus i am looking for one as such. thanks strawberry gal

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