Are you a big fans of crabs? If yes, Crazy Crabs would be the place. Crazy Crabs, being the mastermind of the Tom, Dick Harry’s owners comes to action on opening their seafood restaurant after not long of their success Chinese Restaurant- The Royal Flush.



No fancy grandeur and elegant interior like The Royal Flush; Crazy Crabs restaurant comes with huge round tables, plastic chairs which is more local style and it strikes us with serving awesome crabs.
We started off with the kam heung crab (RM 80/kg) where the kam heung taste is marvelous. The sinfully spicy twist of the kam heung taste together with the fresh crab is indeed addictively awesome. The aromatic, robust flavors which coated on the crab sealed with the juicy flavors is just awesome. Enjoying them with hands, and get some gravy with it; it so finger lickering good.
As for the Salted Baked Crab, we enjoyed the XXL crab size where each crab is approximately 1.2 kg (RM 120/kg). Drenched with salt and baked till perfection; the salted baked crab is as good as it is. Bringing you the sweetness and juiciness of the crab meat; the taste is just awesome especially with the plump crabs
For those who love to have some gravy in their crab; try the Butter Milk Crab (RM 80/kg) where the crab is being drenched with the creamy and milky gravy. Dipped them with some bread or even toasted bun for the fragrance of the delicious milky buttermilk .
Curry fish head (RM50/small, RM80/medium, RM100/large) is an awesome one here where it is one of the recommended items to order in Crazy Crabs. The pot of brimming hot cramy soup which is loaded with generous portion of fish fillet, eggplant, long beans, beancurd and more. All in one and it comes with the spicy and flavorful curry which is perfectly for another bowl of rice.

Grilled lamb (RM25) being well marinated with their signature sauce; and it is then being flamed grilled till perfection.The well done meat brings us with the tender, juicy amd moist texture. No sauce is needed to have it. It is as nice as it is without any sauces added. As nice as in its original taste.
The Sang Har Tung Fun (RM45/small, RM80/medium, RM100/large) comes well in the huge claypot. With the huge prawns coupled with the rice wine in it; it is good enough to get the flavorful awesome luscious brooth that is fully absorbed by the glass noodles. In Crazy Crab; rest ensured that the tung fun is amazingly good where the sweet flavors from the prawns absobs into the tung fan leaving us with the delectable and fully satisfaction meals.
Looking for some snacks? The chicken satay (RM1.20/stick) where the huge chunks of chicken meaton skewers. Juicy meat with the moist texture and each mouthful is indeed a savory one. Grabbing one another is just enjoyment and it make a good mix with the creamy peanut sauce.
Ended with the Chicken Wing (RM3/pc). The chicken wings is lightly battered and it is then being deep fried till perfection. Crispy at the outside and moist in the inside. It is just nice to munch them when it is served pipping hot.
Anchovy Fried Rice (RM14/small, RM18/medium, RM27/large) is rice to go along with the delicious crabs. For some flavors, the rice is stir fried with the kick of light wok hei and dry-bodied with anchovies

Crazy Crabs
Central Piazza,
Oasis Square Ara Damansara,
No 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Business Hours: 11:00am – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – 10:30pm
Contact: 03-7859 8802


  1. Hammy says

    What do muslims people mean by halal are also whether they put wine/licker or other acholic beverages inside the food. Does anyone knows about this?.

    • Amy says

      Hi, Hammy.

      Halal is an Arabic word that means “permissible.” In terms of food, it means food that is permissible according to Islamic law. For a meat to be certified “halal,” it cannot be a forbidden cut (such as meat from hindquarters) or animal (such as pork.)

      Halal is not just free from pork and wine/licker. Its more than that. In context of Halal animal that can be eat such beef, chicken, lamb and poultry, the animal must be halal slaughter by a Muslim where the animal’s throat need to cut while still alive and this must be done by Muslim.

      The slaughter of a halal animal is called “zabihah” and there are certain guidelines to follow:

      -Allah’s (God’s) name must be pronounced during slaughter.
      -The instrument must be very sharp to ensure humane slaughter. The animal must be slit at the throat.
      -The animal must not be unconscious
      -The animal must be hung upside down and allowed to bleed dry. Eating blood is not halal.

      These steps must be accomplished by a Muslim.
      The animal must have been fed a natural diet that did not contain animal by-products.

  2. bunny says

    Muslims can only consume flower crabs
    Crabs that can live in dual environments are not considered halal

  3. Freddie says

    After all the publicity , I was at Crazy Crab to have a meal today . I have the following comments . I was told I need to order at least 1.5 kg or 2 small size crabs . Are all your 2 crabs weigh exactly 1.5kg ? It cost a whopping RM150. I have my doubts The small pot of fish head curry cost RM65 with only 5 small piece of fish meat n head .. In my opinion , the food was certainly a bit overpriced .

  4. Rahim says

    The food is good but they need to improve their service. Extremely slow.
    I don’t recommend this restaurant to entertain business friend or family .

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