Opened few months back, a bamboo charcoal steamboat restauant had landed in PV128. The restaurant with the red signage facing the main road is where the Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant. The restaurant does not bring much fancy deco or any interior designs. Pretty basic with the comfortable air condition cozy dining environment.
Bamboo charcoal is used extensively in the preparation of the food, drawing from traditional Chinese medicinal practices that believe it can strengthen kidney and spleen functions while inhibiting harmful bacteria in the digestive system.
Well, we stated with flipping their extensive menu where they comes with ala-carte platters where you can addin to your steamboat as well as set meals.Set Meals comes with 3 choice. Price range rom RM 33.80 till RM 53.60 for a 2 pax set. As for us we had the 3rd set meal which is filled with the scrumptious ingredients, This includes the enoki mushroom, mussles, fu chock, prawns and fishballs in it.
Not enough, you can get some ala-carte to add on to accompany with your steamboat

As for their sauce selection, they have over 20 choices of sauce to choose. You can mix your sauce according to your creativity or you can try them with their guidelines provided too.
– The Guidelines-
We had ours done according to some of the guidelines given. Aren’t to creative with sauces though.
Besides having the set menu, do add some of their home made porkballs which is made by charcoal. A selection of s. Fire Diamond, Black Diamond, Mars Ball, Parsley Ball, Mushroom Ball and Onion Ball is available to choose from their menu at RM 8.90.

As for their soup selection, you can try their Pork Bone Soup, Chinese Herbal Soup, Si Chuan Spicy Soup, Japanese Miso Soup or Thai Tomyam Soup. Their soup are served by rotation where Charcoal Steamboat will come out with 2 types of different soup daily to pamper their clients.

For the soup, we choose the Signature Pork Bone Soup and also the Tomyam Soup. The Signature Pork Bone Soup in Charcoal Steamboat restaurant is such a divine. Distinct flavourful soup where they had added the huge pork bone in it makes the brooth sweet and the taste is just heavenly. With the added ingridients from the steamboat set; it helps to boost the soup for more flavourful blend too.

As for the tomyam soup; it comes with the fiercy hot temptations. Nothing much to shout about on the tomyam soup as the ingredients is pretty basic.
If you love to have some charcoal water; do order their signature Charcoal water which is at RM 1.50 per cup. It believes that adding charcoal in to the water can reduce the growth of bacteria and mold in the water with the addition of minerals and oxygen in it too.

Overall, the concept is not new to us but having the charcoal steamboat is indeed a great experience. If you are looking for a unique style of having steamboat, do get a try here.
Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant
No. 1-16, PV128, Jalan Genting Kelang,
Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
(Above CH Dim Sum Restaurant)
Phone: 6016- 206 1930 | 603 4131 9875/6016-6513643
Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 5.30pm – 11pm, Closed on Thu except Public Holidays
Email : [email protected]
Facebook :
Website :


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