A name which captured my attention when I first heard about it.- “Cat In The Box” . At first ; when we heard about the we thought is a theme of cat café but we get it all wrong.
Cat in The Box started off by providing mobile coffee service and they are basically making appearance in events. And now; the “little cat” shifts from the “mobile box” to cafe, continues to serve loyal patrons with good coffee. It is located in The Centre for Asian Photographers, The School, Jaya One. Isn’t it hard to get it? The School is a new mall inside Jaya One and they are meant to give fun environment to family and kids. And in The School itself; you can find the The Centre of Asian Photographer is at the first floor of the mall itself bringing the photography lover.
With the wooden setup and the artistic pictures hanging on the wall and confort chairs, we are just pampering ourselves here. Enjoying a cuppa of coffee and catching up with some activities like congkak and more, the place brings me to my comfort zone. In here, you can enjoy your favorite board games too. Plugs and extensions are available if you want to spend your whole afternoon here to do your work.

Well, enjoying coffee at Cat in The Box is perfect to accompany yourself with your stay here. The little café serves East Timor coffee where the beans give us the blend of rich and nutty flavours.
In Cat in The Box; they are highlighting their Cold Brew concentration. Their coffee beans which had go through an extended steeping and brewing of 48 hours, reducing 48% of acidity and results a strong, smooth and rich coffee concentration. The coffee is then being bottled and ready to be diluted. Customer can buy home the rich coffee concentration at the standard size of 500 ml. As for the shelves life, it is up to 2 weeks depends on your fridge temperature.
We also tried their Signature Black Cat Cold Americano. The taste is slightly lighter and it brings us a clean flavor which is easy to consume.

Signature Black Cat Cold brew latte coming from the source of the cold brew and with the added milk with it. The fresh farm milk is being used where it taste more clean. Add some brown sugar syrups to add a touch of sweetness which is what I love the most.

Food choice here is pretty limited. Not much on heavy meals, they still have the variety of sandwich, scones, brownies and the Kee’s cream puffs here.
The smoked Salmon (RM18 for ala carte, RM23 for set) comes well with cream cheese, layered with slices of red onions, Japanese cucumber, broccoli sprouts, alfalfa sprouts. The generous combination of Smoked Salmon Sandwiches comes with the charcoal burger and it is such a generous of portions of salmon in it. The salmon comes creamy to me.

For those who prefer some to get some turkey delights, do try their turkey sandwich. The well done turkey meat is being added with the mustard sauceand sandwich together. I love this !
Aside, we had the Mocha Fudge Brownie (RM7.50) where the homemade brownies are freshly baked using the Ballebaut chocolate. The brownies comes well and moist loaded with the almond bites. The taste is simply good. Add another RM7 to get Fatbaby Salted Caramel Ice Cream to pair with your brownie.

The scones is also a good one. Served with the blackberry jam, the scones are indeed givig us a moist, soft and yet buttery fruity taste. It is such a great match with the fruity jam, loving it.

Cat in The Box Café brings us a cozy environment and it is such a nice place to have my work done and we stayed here for hours doing our work and chatting before heads home.

Cat in the Box Cafe @ The Centre for Asian Photographers
100-L1-019, First Floor,
The School, Jaya One,
No. 72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Business Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
Contact: Amber +60123345630 | Muzhir +60127237855
Email: [email protected]

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