Chatz Brasserie comes up with their new promotion where diners can customize their own pizza. Well there you go all the things you love without picking out some of little of those which you do not like from the pizza. Fun comes when we can customize our own pizza. The fun is coming on its way when we arrived at the Chatz Brasserie.
Well, we are having fun and try our own mix of pizza where you can customize our own pizza with the variety of topping and sauce.

Add flavor to your dough with the tomato coulis, cream sauce, peanut sauce, tabasco sauce or pesto. Fun goes where you can add the topping you love to have unlimited from seafood and meat too. For the seafood topping they have toppings like prawns, squid, smoked salmon, mussel, crab and tuna. As for the land, it offers a wide variety of choices where you can get the pepperoni, meatloaf, chicken strips, sliced beef, chicken, satay and egg.
Not only that, add some colors to your pizza with the variety choices of healthy vegetables too. Topped with onion, capsicum, mushroom, eggplant, cherry, tomato boiled potato, gherkin and olive.


You can have some of your favorite cheese to be topped on top where the cheese choices hoes well with the famous mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, Gouda and blur cheese. From the Garden do add some sprinkle of basil, oregano, dill and chilly flakes on top to have them more flavorful.
Well, it is simply a fun time struggling what’s comes well to make a nice pizza and all comes with creativity of our own. You can also view through what’s going on in their open kitchen concept where the chef will bake your pizza till perfection before it is being served to us. Well, it is so easy where just tick the pizza ingredients on the paper and hand them over


Finally, we had our 8 inch pizza to be enjoyed and we make our own with lots of ingredients in it.
We are lucky! We had the chance to sample the fruit pizza too which comprising of the toppings such as papaya, honeydew, raspberry, mulberry, strawberry and cherry too. Enjoy them with the topping of the sauces where there is vanilla, custard and cream cheese which will be the perfect base of the pizza. Complete them with sprinkle of icing powder and cinnamon before it goes to the oven. Well, this is great. I have mine with loads of strawberries and the blend is perfect combination of sour and sweet blend in it.

–The Salad-
– -The Soup-

Are you a pizza lover too? Do try them “Mama Mia Pizza” which is available on Thursday, from 6 pm to 10 pm . It is priced at RM 49 nett and comes together with the free flow of salad and soup. To quench your thirst while enjoying your own crafted pizza, add-on RM3 nett for free flow of soft drinks, RM 10 Nett for a glass of draft beer or RM35 nett for a jug of draft beer.

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