The Korea Craze is not over yet ! Ever since the Gangnam Hit, you can find almost so much of things up from Korea – Korea Drama, cosmetics and even food too which is blooming in the town. This time, we visited Mr Dakgalbi which is located in Mont Kiara. Mr Dak-Galbi is famed with their grilled chicken franchise in Korea and China and it has finally landed in Klang Valley with 3 outlets now here.


Mr Dakgalbi cuisine comes with 4 different types of serving where you can enjoy the Normal Dakgalbi, Bean Sprout Dakgalbi, Octopus Dakgalbi, as Seafood Dakgalbi. The four choices of Dakgalbi comes with different ingredients to choose for and the dishes is being topped with the 30 years secret special sauce with it,


Having it is simply special to me where first you can choose your preferred Dakgalbi menu. This time, we had their normal signature Mr Dakgalbi menu (RM 19.00) where you can enjoy the marinated chicken together with the traditional chilly sauce, and mix vegetables llike potatoes, onions, and spring onions. It is also being served together with their rice cake as well too. After choosing your own preferred Mr Dakgalbi, next choose the various noodles to be cooked together with it.


At first, the staff will assist in the cooking of the noodles in front with all the ingredients. Savour the spicy marinated chicken with the noodles in it. Bringing the pipping hot and superb spiciness in the dishes itself, the dish indeed give us a great of spiciness with the chunks of meat with it.

After your enjoyment with the spicy noodles, they will come the next round to have your rice cooked before you ends your meal.The fried rice is done with the option of adding in cheese is also available.The cheesy flavours is perfectly good and what’s they do it they cooked it and presented it alike the pizza rice style. It’s cheesy blend comes well to our tummy and it is a good one to enjoy.

The value for money delights is just something special to ploy off here !

Mont Kiara Solaris Branch
No. J-G-02 Soho KL, Solaris Mont Kiara

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