When visiting Melaka, everyone will named the 2 famous food must try there which is the satay celup as well as the chicken rice. This time, during our short trip to Melaka, we had ourselves to try the satay celup from Ban Lee Siang as we had tried Capitol Satay the last round.
Capitol Satay and Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup (arguably the best) satay celup , where both has their own specialty. As they claimed, Ban Lee Siang had been in Melaka since 1989 and the business is run by the Chua family.

In here, have your ingredients pick up in the fridge itself where they have over 50 choices of food choice to choose at. The choices of food which is available includes quill eggs, hotdogs, fishballs, vegetables and many more priced from RM 0.60 onwards. Once you had selected your food from the refrigerator, then dipped inside the boiling satay sauce.

The style of cooking is alike the Chinese style of “lok lok” just the broth is different and the omission of the sauce. You do not need to dip any sauce as the peanut sauce offered the robust flavors.

As you see, the satay sauce which is used in Satay Celup is pretty diluted compare than the usual one and you constantly need to stir them to prevent the bottom to be burned.
The Satay Sauce is ban Lee Siang gives a spicier blend and hot taste. So, be careful when you have them to prevent lips getting numb.
Anyway, I had tried both Capital and Ban Lee Siang. Both has its own specialty where Capitol has more choices of food for us to dipped and the sauce is not too spicy and thicker.

Ban Lee Siang (万里香沙爹朱律茶餐室)
45E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Melaka, Bandar Hilir, 75300
Phone: 06-284 1935

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