The newly renovated Avenue K had brings Malaysian with more eatery choices. With the ramen craze in town, you can find the Tokyo -based Ramen Bankara Ramen has taken its international expension after 6 years of the branching into Bangkok, and now to Malaysia.
The word “Bankera” is a colloquia; term was once used in Japan to best descrive an individual’s outstanding and unique style amidst the sqarm of a conformist society. Namlara’s brand values and product offering are unmistakably Japanese, yet differential from the market competitors in tantalizing the customers dining experience, namely the palette and sensory immersion.

The first Bankara Ramen restaurant at Avenue K dishes up four distinct styles of ramen: Bankara signature Tokyo-style ramen, Hakata-style tonkotsu ramen, Sapporo-style miso ramen and the more delicate tsukemen. The four types to choose from that can be personalized with additional toppings like pork, corn, seaweed, veggies and different sized noodles. What we understand here is each types categories of noodles comes dfifferently in its textures. Aside that, the noodles are currently imported from Japan at this moment.

First thing first, we ordered some snacks to have while waiting for the ramen to come next. The tori karage (RM 10.00) is a satisfying snack to go for here. The well deep fried marinated chicken brings us with the tender and juicy meat in the inside, while at the outside it is dry and yest crunchy. It is such an addictive finger food to go for here.
Kakuni Saramori (RM 16.00) another of the signature here. The slice of pork is well marinated and being braised. It is then being topped with the Japanese Onions. Leaving the tender and juicy texture inside, the pork belly is sinfully addictive.

Bankara Original (RM 21.00) are being served at the medium size together with the Chashu, bamboo shoots, seaweed and a generous douse of Japanese onions. The broth is made by vigorously boiling pork bones which is cooked for hours. The soup is filled with flavours while the ramen itself is springy as it is.



As for the Kakuni Bankara ( RM 30.00 ) where the brooth is the same as the Bankara Original, but for those who love to have more porklicious food here, add the pork belly here which comes out to be the sinfully addictive and flavourful. Complimentary whole cloves of garlic and garlic-pressers provided on each table where we can add some garlic into it . After adding the garlic into the soup, the soup blends slightly different


Besides the Bankara Kakuni, we also have the Tsukemen (RM31.00) where the thick cold noodles are being served with the hot spicy soup together with the chashu, bambooshots and dried seaweed. It gives us a flavourful taste where each mouthful of tsukemen is perfectly done with the chewy and yet springy noodles in it.


Well, Buta Miso (RM 25.00) is another ramen which we had tried. The noodles with a different character compared to the each other and miso butter here is pretty unique too. The soup is wonderful by itself; the noodles match it perfectly with the miso soup. Not only that, the ingridints which topped ontop makes a perfect blend with the soup itself making the soup even much more flavorful.
We end our meal with the annin toufu. The Japanese almond jelly is just right to cleanse your palate after the heavy meal here. Since i am not a fan of almond, the taste is simply light which is acceptable to my preference and the tofu is pretty soft too.

Overall, I love the Bankara Kakuni and the sinfully delicious together with the tori karage which is pretty addictive


Bankara Ramen Malaysia
Second Floor, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Beside Taste Enclave

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