Leading business and leisure hotel InterContinental KL is setting new standards for stylish and sophisticated culinary experiences in the city with the launch of Tao Chinese Restaurant, The restaurant. This year, Chef Wong Lian You brings us with their auspicious set menus. Featuring the new. Modern innovations and classic must-have dishes with the premium ingredients that symbolize an abundance of good health, wealth and luck and the promotion will be held from January 3 to February 16

The Auspicious Set Lunch I and II are priced at RM 138++ per person with a minimum booking for three people begins with a toss to great prosperity with snow pearl and jellyfish yee sang which is served with the mint sauce.

As for this time, we get to try their Prosperity Set Menu III where we get to sample some of the season’s most premium ingredient and delicacies which is priced at RM 2,388++ per table of ten persons. What I love the most is the portions prepared are serving in individual portions and Chef focuses on modern Chinese cuisine
Started with the Yee Sang which means Prosperity Toss where we had the Abalone with Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang. The yee sang is filled with daikon (white radish), carrots, red pepper (capsicum), turnips, red pickled ginger, as well as the soft shell crab and abalone together.


Next we had the Double Boiled Abalone, Fish Maw with Dried Scallop and American Ginseng Soup. The Australian Abalone is being used and it had been boiled for 2 hours to brings up the fragrance and nutrients from the soup itself. Added to it is the South American Sea Bamboo Pith which gives us a more nourish flavors. The soup is boiled till it ‘s perfection giving us a light bitterness in it which comes from the ginseng itself. The huge abalone can be found in the soup itself.

Next we have the Duo of Flavour Roasted Chicken which is simply special. The chicken breast meat is being served with the kerabu while the crispy chicken skin is being barbequed till perfectionist and it is laid on top of the kerabu itself. The kerabu give a combination of the delicious pineapple, cucumber and onions together and it brings us with the sweet and sourish combination.

The Baked Mayonnaise Cod Fillet served with Mango Salsa is something special in their Chinese New Year menu. A twist of Chinese Western dining where the cod fish is being deep fried and being baked together with the mayonnaise. The lovely fish is then being added with the mango salso bringing the sweet and creamy taste. Chef Wong also tweeted the delights with some local taste where they add in the Chinese parsley, lime juice and red chilly in the mango blend. The taste is very appetizing but the shortfall to it, is the cheese which is added in to it had covered the sweet taste of the fish itself.

Wok-Fried Prawns with Hot Savory Sauce is where the fresh sea prawns is deliciously cooked with the overpowering sauce which is blended by the chef himself. The combination of the tomyam paste, oyster sauce as well as soy sauce to blend up the whole taste of the dish itself is just flavourful as it is.

The Braised Sea Cucumber with Dried Oyster Sea Moss Roll and Money Bag in Golden Brooth is served next. The appetizing dish which is filled of goodies is well served to our plate. The brooth filled with golden yellow is a mix of chicken feet, carrot, and pumpkin with a little ginger in it. Cooked around 4 to 5 hours, the broth is thick and creamy.

We end our mains with the Fragrant Fried Rice with Vegetables, Egg White, and Truffle Oil served with the Crispy Scallop and Wasabi Dressing The rice is well fried with the egg white and truffle oil. Aside, serving together with it includes the Japanese Scallops which is being bread crumbs and deep fried till golden brown. Topped on top is the fish row which is just a perfect match.

Everything will not be perfect with some desserts. We had the Deep-Fried Sweet Potato “Ninko” Ball served with Bird’s Nest Aloe-Vera, Peach and Osmanthus Oolong Tea Syrup. The “Ninko” is homemade where Chef Wong had steamed them for 3 hours before wrapped them with the sweet potato and breadcrumb it. Deep fried till golden yellow, the Deep-Fried Sweet Potato “Ninko” Ball is then being topped with the gold leaf on top. While for the Bird’s Nest Aloe-Vera, Peach and Osmanthus Oolong Tea Syrup, it brings us with a very refreshing taste. The bird nest is being soaked and then it is being boiled together with the rock sugar and red dates. Added into it, he Osmanthus OOlong Tea Syrup is then being altered on its recipes by adding some chef’s secret recipes, the tea syrups is indeed refreshing and tasty

Why not make your move to Tao Restaurant to savour the delicious Chinese Cuisine here. Here they have The Prosperity Set Menu 1 which is priced at RM 1,588++ for a table of ten person and centres around salmon Yee Sang alongside dishes such as pomfret filet sautéed with celery, gingko nut and pine nut in yam ring, wok fried tiger prawns with hot savory sauce and braised shredded abalone with sea treasure brooth.

As for the Prosperity Set Menu II, the set offers a carefully balanced fusion approach with a Yee Sang Centrepiece consisting of scallops, salmon and wasabi, as well as poached duck with Chinese herbs, and cordyceps flowers, steamed tiger king garoupa and braised sea cucumber, fish maw and dried oyster sea moss rolls in golden broth, all priced at RM 1,988++ per person with a minimum of ten guest per booking.

As for the Prosperity Menu III and IV are those who are seeking to sample some of the season’s most premium ingredients and delicacies. One lead by abalone and soft shell crab Yee Sang ( RM 2,388++ per table of ten persons) and another centered on abalone, soft shell crab and Salmon Yee Sang (RM 3,388++ per table of ten persons). Both menus are available for bookings with a minimum of ten persons and include mouth-watering dishes such as Cantonese-style steamed Eastern Garoupa, Steamed blue river prawns and deep fried sweet Potato “Ninko” Ball served with Bird’s Nest Aloe-Vera, Peach and Osmanthus Oolong Tea Syrup.

TAO also offers ala carte Yee Sang available as half sets and full sets, including abalone and soft shell crab Yee Sang (RM 128/RM 238), wasabi scallop and salmon Yee Sang ( RM78/RM138) and a vegetarian tempura mushroom and wasabi sauce Yee Sang (RM78/RM138)

Tao is designed to bring guests authentic and memorable dining experiences through the revival of traditional cooking techniques, tailored by the skills of Executive Chef Wong, and exceptional menu items. “Tao” which means peach in Chinese is decorated graciously with bloom of the pale pink peach flowers and features hundreds of ornate Chinese teapots, The restaurant houses six elegant private rooms all named after the dynasties in China- Han, Song, Tang , Yuan, Ming and Qin.

For Lunar New Year dining reservation at Tao Chinese Cuisine, call +603 2161 1111 or email [email protected]

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