Golden Coast Shrimps is one of the franchise from Taiwan which is brought over to Malaysia after their success in their outlet in other countries. Established back in June 9th 1996, the Head Golden Coast Shrimp is located at Taiwan,Jhubie City is a local flavor restaurant. The restaurant is having a history of 17 years old where the owner continue to provide customer with the high quality seafood and a comfortable dining experience. They had finally have their first branch in Malaysia where they are serving the same recipe as what the Taiwan did.

A must to try here is of course the shrimps. The Freshwater Prawns which is being served here is using the live prawns for every cooking dish. With this, it gives a firmer texture of the prawns itself than other types of prawns.

My favorite item is the Lemon Shrimps. The lemon shrimps in Golden Coast Shrimps is indeed a special one where the sauce is filled with the zestiness with the blend of soury taste in it. It is sinfully good with the fresh texture of the prawns itself.
Price: RM 65.00

of the speciality of Golden Coast Shrimp is the Pepper Shrimp where the shrimps is freshly imported all the way from Thailand. This is where the premium quality pepper corns from the finest pepper corn production area are being used in the dish in Golden Coast Shrimps where it give a long and lasting uniquely peppery aroma on top of the spicy taste. The taste is quite spicy to me where the fragrance of black pepper can be tasted from every bites of the skin of the prawns. It is recommended for spicy lover and black pepper fans lover where the black pepper is grinded from the black pepper seeds itself which brings the strong aroma of black pepper in every bites of the prawns itself.
Price: RM 60 ( L)/ RM 35 ( S)

If you are a fans for Garlic, it is recommended to try them. The dish is complemented with the minced fresh garlic to give us a long lasting and tasty garlic flavours. The prawns is soaked with the heavy garlic taste which brings the full flavor of garlic and the spiciness of the garlic itself.
Price: RM 60 ( L)/ RM 35 ( S)

Butter Crab is one of the item which is worth to order here. The Indonesia top crab with Europe’s top imported pure vegetable fresh cream, rich and full of milk flavor with the steamed buns. The taste of the delicious crabs with the creamy butter taste is just a perfect match. Served with the marvelous ‘mantou’ bread that suits well with the sauce is as perfect as it is.
Price: RM 95 (L) / RM 75 (S)

Salt-backed Mackerel is simply an item not to be missed in Golden Coast Shrimps. The premium quality fresh fish from Norway is being used in this cuisine weights approximately over 650g to 850g each and each of it is being oven – baked. Its delicate and juicy textire will leave you with an unfogettable after taste.
Price: RM 50.00

Roast Lamb Chops is one of the signature in Golden Coast Shrimps. The top grade tender lamb baked with their house cumin seed dipping that melts in the mouth. The lamb chop is juicy and tender with the non-distinctive smell. The lamb have a leaner meat and the taste is superbly good.
Price: RM 75.00

Golden Coast Shrimp,
Block D, Oasis Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

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