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the wine selection

Vintry has its name at the winery area where they have plentiful of different wine which ranges from RM 55 to RM 700. The restaurant itself brings a cozy environment and the wine will be the companion for your meal here. You will not believe that, Vintry is not just about wine but they do serves good food as well. A good place for meals is always definite to go to.

the owner of vintry The behind story of the success in Vintry where Mr Wong Yin How who is experience in the wine business had surprises us with his background. He is a lawyer by training from the London School of Economics, Wong Yin-How founded Vintry Cellars Sdn Bhd in 2005 and as Managing Director, he oversees the operations of the Vintry Group of Wine Bars and Restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore, which carry an extensive wine list of over 1,000 wine labels at each of their five outlets. In between trips to wine regions and visits to international trade fairs, Yin-How completed the Intermediate and Advanced Levels of the distinguished United Kingdom Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) examinations with Distinctions, and the Diploma Level with Merit.

siu yok

Started with the starters, the Roast Pork which is being served is just sinfully delicious. The Roasted Pork is being barbequed till golden brown which I love the most. The roasted barbequed pork is being barbequed till perfectly with the 3 layers pork with it where the crispiness of the skin is just lovely. We understand that, the pork is being dried before it is being barbequed that’s give the crispiness of the skin itself and this dish is one of the signatures in Vintry too.
Price: RM 9/100g

roti babi
Serving next to our plate is the Roti Babi. The version of roti babi in Vintry is slightly different to those which I had in other places. The minced meat is being chopped and stuffed in the bun . Then it is being deep fried till golden brown and a munch of the roti babi give the ooziness of the meat with the sauce with it. It is bringing back to the childhood memory where now there are less people are selling roti babi now.
Price:R M 15.00

Fresh mussels which is being cheese baked is just heavenly. The juicy mussels is being is served in spicy tomato confit are jus good as it is and it is then laid with the cheese on top. This makes the dish even better and we could never resist it as well.
Price: RM 19.00

Honey Fried Cheese is prppared using the Mohon cow cubes and it is then being battered and deep fried till perfection. It is then being drizzled with the thin layer of honey on top too. The combination was good and the taste brings the combination of the salty sweet taste which is tantalizing.

grilled chicken
Yakitori Chicken is indeed well marinated with the sauces.Succulent juicy meat with the fragrance of the sauces is just perfectly made. We are just falling in love with the tender chicken meat which just melts in the mouth.
Price:RM 16.00

pork satay
The pork satay is next being served to us. The grilled pork neck satay is being grilled till perfection with the sauce in it. It is then being served with the creamy sauce which is just a great match with the satay itself. Tender meat which filled with juiciness just a right one to have and I am craving for more.
Price: RM 22.00

BBQ Pork Ribs is one of their speciality in Vintry. Bringing the juicy pork ribs which is well barbequed and well prepared, each of it is filled with the juiciness with the umpph with it. We could ever believe that even our tummy is fulled, we still can finished up the meat. The pork ribs is being served together with the mashed potato and grilled asparagus.
Price: Medium RM42, Large RM52


The Honey Mustard Iberico Pork Ribs is just well prepared. The rack of ribs is being smoked at low and slow fire, giving it a tender texture of the meat to be served. And what’s special is the pork meat is being flown all the way from Spain where the high graded pork meat is just so tender and juicy. It is smacking good with the juiciness meat and well absorb flavors. We don’t mind to have our hands on it after then. Finger lickering good!
Price: RM 118 ( for two)

The Pan Fried Sea bass is just my favorite. The big portion of fresh sea bass is being served with the citrus butter sauce,and it is served with the cubed potato and salad. The seabass was simply fresh and it just melts in the mouth with the sweet taste of fish itself.
Price: RM 49.00

tomyam spaghetti
Tomyam Spaghetti would be a good combination of ala-fusion style. The tomyam spaghetti added with the slight spicy taste is tantalizing and I love it so much. The tomyam spaghetti is added with the tiger prawns and the mushroom with it. Value for money and this is just superb with the large portion of the spaghetti and seafood.
Price: RM 39.00

chocolate brownies
It is just perfect to ends every meal with desserts. The chocolate brownie in Vintry is just heavenly. The thick chocolate brownies with the fragrant of the chocolate topped with a scoop of vanilla ice creams is something not to be missed in Vintry.

deep fried mars
We ended with the deep fried mars bar which is well served at Vintry. The Deep Fried Mars Bar is something special with a top of ice cream is just a special desserts to call it a day to end our heavy meals.

Overall, we are completely falling in love with the delicious food and the superb wine which is being served to us. The satisfying meals as well as the great cozy environment is just good to enjoy after a day of hard work in the office.

Vintry Ampang,
No. 24, Persiaran Ampang,
Ampang, 55000
03-4252 8262

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