Award-winning Mooncake expert Tai Thong continues its tradition of showcasing the wonderment of the Mooncake Festival this year by drawing inspiration from our homeland, Malaysia.

From traditional flavors of last year to our nation’s symbolic colors, this year Tai Thong promises to take you on a historical journey back in time.

Infused with the colors of Nyonya traditions and inspired by beautifully crafted batik design, Tai Thong’s Mooncake packaging is a palatable synergy of red, blue, and green colors. Red signifying Malaysia’s Chinese ethnicity; Blue symbolic of Indian heritage; Green representing the legacy of Malay roots.

To mark this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Tai Thong Group Executive Mooncake Chef Yiu Wing Keung has created a limited edition Mooncake – the Imperial Musang King Royale.

The Imperial Musang King Royale Mooncake leverages on the bold characteristic of the Musang King, using only 100% premium Musang King Durian, resulting in a mouthful of heavenly bliss in every bite. Luscious and creamy, the rich durian filling isn’t too overwhelming on the palate due to it being enveloped in a delicate snow skin case.

“It was important for me keep the purity of these wonderful durians as I wanted to maintain the aroma and flavor of the fruit. The only added element is the delicate snow skin that envelopes the delicious durian filling, perfectly complementing the taste of the fruit,” said Yiu.

Aside from this year signature Imperial Musang King Durian, there are 9 others new flavors introducing to the public this year:

Emerald Ferringhi

A white-skinned chia-seed studded Mooncake featuring earthy Cameron sweet corn and fragrant pandan.

Black Forest Highland

A pairing of black sesame paste with fragrant coconut and golden crushed egg yolk.

White Mocha Delight

Delivering an intense java jolt, deeply aromatic Nanyang White Coffee is coupled with the rich creaminess of white chocolate.

Limau Manis

A delectable mix of red bean paste and tangerine peels finished with a hint of lemon and calamansi flavors.

Emperor’s Dream

A dreamy creamy snow skinned Mooncake featuring premium durian flesh paired with fragrant coconut and aromatic pandan.

Sweet Paradise

A honey-scented snow skin Mooncake that fuses Nanyang White Coffee with fragrant custard and crunchy roasted macadamia nut bits.

Tropical Trio

A colorful tri-layered snow skin Mooncake bursting with 3 fruity flavors – mango, grapefruit, and pandan. An aromatic and refreshing Mooncake that will tease your taste buds.

Pineapple Sesame Crunch

Homemade baked pineapple tart is perfectly complemented by velvety soft sesame green bean paste.

Teh Tarik Delight

Distinct elements and flavors of Malaysia’s favorite beverage are combined with savory coconut paste and enveloped in black charcoal snow skin.

Tai Thong’s Limited Mooncake Corporate Gift Box (RM138 per box) makes for a stunning and elegant gift to business associates, clients or corporate partners. Each wooden case features an assortment of six Tai Thong mooncakes, a mix of both traditional and newly released flavours: Lotus Single Yolk, Jade Custard, Emerald Ferringhi, Black Forest Highland, White Mocha Delight and Limau Manis.

To further celebrate the joy of Mid-Autumn festival, Tai Thong is rewarding loyal customers with their “Snap & Win” Contest, where participants are encouraged to submit a photo containing elements related to the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. Entries will be judged on creativity and participants will get the chance to win a slew of prizes including a 4-days-3-nightsstay at The Amala Pool Villa Bali, a HTC One & HTC Butterfly phone as well as Tai Thong Dining Vouchers and Tai Thong Mooncake vouchers. The contest will run from 29 July 2013 to 30 August 2013 and interested participants should visit www.taithong.com.my/snapandwin or www.facebook.com/TaiThong to enter.

Tai Thong Mooncakes are available for purchase at all Tai Thong restaurants, major hypermarkets and shopping mall kiosks. A full listing of the locations can be obtained on www.taithong.com.my or by calling the Tai Thong Customer Care Line at 1800-88-2338.


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