Mooncake, the bake pastry delicacy associated to Mid Autumn Festival is-enduring favorites, Nowadays, there are so much of choices of mooncake available in the market, from the chocolate flavored, yogurt, jellies and more. As a result Malaysians are spoilt for a choice when choosing their favorite mooncake every year.

In recent years, snowy skin mooncake is just as popular as the golden baked mooncake. Te well made from the frozen glutinous rice is differes from the traditional one as the dessert is not being baked but typically it is being eaten cold and there are much more of the the flavors available too.

This year, for the first time, Malaysians will be able to sample the 11 snowy mooncake from the renowned Hong Kong brand Mei-Xin brought in by Jaya Grocer. There are so much of flavours to choose for where for this time I had their Durian King as well as the Mango with Pomelo Desserts.

Made with a 30% water content, the skin of Mei-Xin mooncake is left with the chewy texture and with the munch in the mouth. The mooncake is just superb as it is where the burst if the fruity flavor with the natural fruit puree is simply delicious. It’s fruity texture of the mooncake itself just perfect and I love it so much. Other flavors available includes the Mango Chestnut, Passion fruit and Pomelo, Sesame with Macadamia Nuts and more.

Mei Xin Snowy Mooncake is retail at RM 24.00 per box of two at Jaya Grocer Outlet which can be found at Empire Shopping Gallery. Jaya 33, Mutiara Tropicana, Damansara Perdana, Plaza Jelutong and Sierramas, For more info, do visit the Jaya Grocer website on this.


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