After that, we headed to the Lin An-Tai House (林安泰古厝燕尾) which is about 15 minutes walk down the road from the Taipei Story House.

– The Beautiful View of the Lake in the House-


– Looking around the place which is very beautiful-

Lin An-Tai house is an absolute large traditional home organized around a central courtyard. Opening into the open courtyard is the main hall, which houses an altar for worshiping the Lin family ancestors. Sitting rooms, and bedrooms also surround the courtyard. Another layer back are a kitchen, more bedrooms, and work rooms. Over the years, the caretakers have added period furnishings, including several magnificent old-style beds, that add to the picture of 18th and 19th century life.

– The Classroom View-


– The Discussion Room-

The building overall is magnificent big one and we take around 30 minutes to walk around the whole house. Here we goes exploring the places around the house which is indeed an eye opening adventures where you can see how those old house looks like with the old furniture and more. The place is simply lovely and well maintained.

To get there, take the Danshui Line metro to the Yuanshan station.

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