Refreshing King’s Potong’s bring us down memory lane, reminiscing the good old days when”potong” was an enjoyable treat. For some of us, the “potong: man may be the person we look forward to see after school for an afternoon delights.

Today, the “potong” is widely available in supermarkets and hypermarkets. It may have evolved from a traditional cottage breand to an all time favourote dessert enjoyed by both young and old but it still tastes the same like how it was at good old days.

King’s has recentyly revamped its packaging for the Potong range to reflect the good old days when things were much simpler. The new packaging design just make the variants so much easier with clearer diagreams and neat design layout. Being that, they also had their improved version of the durian variant. It now has a more intense durian taste with additional real durian puree which is close to eating the king of fruit in the frozen way. I am simply falling in love with the durian flavoured where it taste amazingly good with the heavy hint of durian. Durian lovers should not miss this.

Besides the Durian flavor, King’s Potong also comes in two packaging formats which is on multipacks and foam packs. The multipack consist of four variants namely Red Bean, Black Glutinous Rice, Durian and the Assirted flaurs (Yam & Black Glutinous Rice) while the foan packs are only available in Red Bean and Assorted flavours. The “potong” stored in foam packs can last for two hours without freezing.

The multipacks retail at RM 5.40 per pack while the foam pack retails at RM8.50 per pack. Now, you can enjoy the “potong” now anytime and you may purchase them at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and your nearest groceries outlet too.

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