– Taiwan I am Coming!!-

I can say planning on a travel is kinda important especially you are planning for an overseas trip. We need to make sure that all important things are in order. I will not talk about facial appliances or even bags when going for travel as this is really subjected to each of everyone choices and personality. As for me, I had made my booking to Taipei last year for my trip and I had back from my trip to Taipei too. This round, I had my overseas travel via Air Asia as well.

Ticket Booking

My ticket is being booked with the charge of RM 680/round-trip for one pax on the booking includes 30 kg of bags. The trip is being sponsored by CIMB Bank. Thanks a lot CIMB Bank for the trip and choosing us as a winner in the Air Asia Lucky Draw. We had won RM 2000 for our flight ticket and we bought one for Taipei and another for a Malaysia local flight (Sabah) with the money. We hope to win more travel packages so we are able to blog and share more travel places not only in Malaysia but also other part of the world.

Applying for Passport

A visit to Taiwan does not need VISA but you still need a passport. Applying a passport will take 1 hour after you make the payment but I took about 1/2 day to a day to complete the whole process from submitting the document and finally having my passport on the table. There is some immigration office in Malaysia which is working on weekends. In applying the Malaysia passport, you need to bring the cash to pay for the passport charges, photocopy of the IC  as well as 2 pcs of the passport size photo

Normal priceRM100.00 for 32 Pages (Valid for 2 years)
RM300.00 for 32 pages (Valid for 5 years)
RM600.00 for 64 pages (Valid for 5 years)
Half priceRM150.00 for 32 pages
RM300.00 for 64 pages
Condition for Half Price:Children below 12 years old and student below 21 years old with proof to study abroad on the day submission.

Choosing the Hotels 
– My room in Shida Road-

Before you decide to settle down on the hotel, I will make my decision on places I plan to visit. In Taiwan, I had make up my mind staying around Taipei City. Some may plan for Kaosiung, Tainan, Taichung and more. I has been searching for the hotels and we had decided to choose a home stay due to budget reasons. We had made our mind in getting the home stay from BABY INN  for a week stay. We will blogged more about the details on our stay too. Stay tuned!


– Taiwan Currency- 
(Pictures from Bloomberg)

Aside from booking hotels and all, we had all our money changed earlier about 2 days before our departure. It is advice to change the money to NTD as it is kinda hard to get MYR to be changed to NTD. There is not much places will accept MYR in Taipei. As so, it is good to change to NTD in Malaysia before you depart to Taipei or you may bring some USD there as well. 


You may have the option to purchase land service in Taiwan from the tour agents but I prefer to have my own sweet time in travelling. As so, we hired a taxi from Taipei by the name of 江俊賢. If you have a group of friends of 4-5 pax, it is indeed worth to hire them on your trip in Taiwan. I hired them at NTD 3500/ day for 2 days to take me to more outskirt area in Taiwan like Yeliu, Jiufen and more. They are really helpful to provide me with the list of popular tourist attraction and giving us the explanation as well tell us where can we get the best shots of pictures. I just love their service as I felt I am not wasting my time waiting for bus nor taking few rounds of train to reach the destination. With them, I can travel comfortably and their service is good too.Much recommended. 

Name: 江俊賢

Contact No: +886986708485


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