Nirvana Banana Leaf House is one of the restaurants around Klang Valley which is famous for its banana leaf rice. My last visit is since 2008 when I just step to KL and the last weekend I made my visit again for the banana leaf rice. As early as 6.00 pm, the restaurant is simply packed with customer and we are lucky enough to find our parking space and a place to sit as well.

Service was pretty fast though. We had given the banana leaf and they topped them wih the rice and the condiemnets together. Condiments are well spreads along the banana leaf where there are cucumber acar, long beans and deep fried brinjal. Then, the curry are being poured over to the rice where you can grabs where it can be filled with the choice of curry chicken, fish curry, as well as dal. The taste is simply good and the portion is simply a large one as well.
Price: RM 7.50

We also made a side order which is the chicken masala.Well deep fried with the condiments with it, the chicken meat is tender and good.As price wise, it is on the high side with the small portion only
Price: RM 5.00

All priceare subjected to 6% service charge

43 Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
591000, Kuala Lumpur


  1. Geetha says

    To Nirvana Management,

    Me and my husband took our dinner today in your restaurant after several months and realized that your quality of deep fried chicken is worse than before. The chicken tasted totally flat with no taste of any indian spices. Please do a proper marination or if you are not good at it since your restaurant is full foreign workers, kindly remove it from the menu.

    • Ram Tanggaraju says

      You are right Ms Geetha. The food there has no effort put into it. Not sure what is all the hype about it!

      Not an indian restaurant to my opinion.

  2. Ram says

    You are right. The food there has no effort put into it.

    Not sure what is all the hype about. Not an Indian restaurant to my opinion!

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