Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and Ploy Restaurant has just the ticket to make this day more memorable with their “Mother’s Day set banquets”. Each set features an abundance of dishes packed with flavour and Ploy’s unique culinary signature.

Families are invited to explore Ploy’s Mother’s Day delectable culinary banquets . Set 1 starts from RM338++ for 4-6 people whilst Set 2 starts from RM468.00++ for 6-10 people, respectively. Set 1 takes you on a gastronomic journey with five mouthwatering appetizers. Sourced straight from the ocean, the Tempura Sunrise features a platter of fresh sea bass marinated in salt and pepper and lovingly wrapped in an oba leaf; a vegetable known for its health properties and mild minty aftertaste.For those searching for a more delicate touch will find delight in the Golden Needle Salad. A delicate medley of tofu, avocado and broccoli drizzled with a piquant Wafu dressing perfectly exemplifies Ploy’s unique gastronomic fingerprint. The other delicious appetizers include Crispy Baby Squid, Fresh Crab Salad and a Crispy Fish Basket that serve to tantalize and seduce.

The second chapter of this Mother’s Day Banquet Set 1 offers diners another eclectic range of dishes that serve to delight and satisfy. Enter The Dragon features eight flavour dynamites of deep fried jumbo shrimp on a bed of sliced avocado and topped with tobiko, fragile marbles of flying fish roe. Diners are also welcome to partake in Ploy’s Duck Breast & Chicken Ham Pizza as they recount tales of their childhood flavoured with tender smoked duck breast and juicy strips of chicken ham on a bed of fresh, hot pizza.

Infused with an asian twist is the Torched Sunrise Tuna – rolls of seared akami tuna, sushi rice riddled with hidden gems of flying fish roe, dressed with Ploy’s signature sauces, all wrapped up in a fluffy popiah blanket. Accompanied with dishes such as Pasta from Heaven, Linguine Mentaiko and a divine Smoked Salmon Pizza, this flavorsome party of Starters is the perfect prelude for the main course.

The zenith of this Set comes in the form of the Main Course. The Godfather Special plays host to a mob of exciting flavours with a traditional Japanese Salmon Don playing host to coral colored marbles of Ikura (Salmon roe), rich avocado slices and wafers of delectable nori (seaweed) liberally glazed with Ploy’s unique layu (chilli oil) dressing and liberally sprinkled with crispy flakes of tempura, all on a bed of soft, fluffy white rice. Gastronomically adventurous diners will also find delight in Ploy’s Black Fried Rice, another Asian classic to undergo Ploy’s interpretation. The familiar and unfailing combination of fresh seafood, thai sweet basil, egg yolk and chilli is bathed in squid ink, infusing a bold edge on an already hearty dish, and satisfied diners will find that once “they go black, they never go back!” However, the Tender Beef Ribs, Jumbo Shrimp & Scallop, Atlantic Ocean Dory Fish and Grilled Lemongrass Chicken dishes will also unveil a whole new side of Thai-Japanese modern Asian cuisine and launch the dining experience to a whole new level.

As the Mother’s Day finale approaches ; the only suitable way to end the day is with a mouthful of Ploy’s desserts. The Durian Pana cotta; a creamy concoction of “Raja Kunyit” durians with a lingering taste. The ruby red gems of sweetness with fragile bouillons of water chestnuts floating above a bed of shaved coconut ice in Ploy’s Red Rubies dessert comes together as a gracefully and refreshingly cool dish perfect for this occasion, and on the other end of the spectrum, the Oreo Cheese Cake tastes as delicious as it sounds. The oreo crust intermingles with its creamy centre to deliver a lip-smacking, plate-licking climax to this Mother’s Day Banquet Set.

Diners looking for a more intimate Mother’s Day celebration will be extremely satisfied with Ploy’s second Mother’s Day Banquet Set. Starting at RM338+ for 4-6 people, mothers and their families can easily enjoy the scrumptious culinary festival that Ploy has to offer. Set 2 starts off with a deluge of tantalizing appetizers; the Drumstick Karaage with Thai Spice in particular, sets off all the right notes with its juicy chicken drumsticks coated in a special home-made Thai sauce, whilst the Rollover & Try Sushi sates the appetite with its thick bundle of salmon, asparagus, crabstick infused with tobiko (flying fish roe) all smothered in a finely diced butterfish and wasabi ebiko blanket. Appetizers also include wonderful platters of Crispy Nori Tempura, Salmon Sashimi, a Tuna Wakame Salad and a Pomelo Duck Salad that serve to acquaint diners with what’s more to come.

A starter dish in this particular set that deserves an honorable mention is the Crab in a Wrap; featuring a nest of soft shell crab paired with mango and avocado and spicy kani (crabmeat), this silky medley of flavours and textures is then enhanced by its nori shell that adds a satisfying crunch with each bite. On the other end of Ploy’s culinary spectrum lies the Angel Hair with Brazilian Corn Beef; premium salt-cured beef straight from Brazil infused with olive oil and chilli before being tossed into a bed of Angel Hair spaghetti. This dish, along with the Squid Ink Seafood Spaghetti, Spicy Salmon Pizza and Soft Shell Crab Pizza offers up a range of exciting flavours for diners to enjoy.
As diners arrive at the centre of this culinary orchestra; they are invited to indulge in a Crispy Duck Confit, a delectable honey balsamic vinaigrette paired with a generously succulent helping of duck on a bed of hot buttery mash potatoes and whilst the Crispy Skin Salmon is bathed in a spicy tomato and herb vinaigrette, both feature a unique collection of flavours that exhibit Ploy’s culinary prowess. The Kimchi Fried Rice pays homage to Korean Cuisine in a cauldron of zest whilst the Crispy Chicken Teriyaki adds a new twist on an old favourite.

Diners can enjoy the final throes of this Mother’s Day celebration with an ambrosial Sticky Date Pudding served in a puddle of melting caramel and cream, and a durian infused Durian Crepe Cake that hosts a light, yet potent exotic flavor that’s certain to be remembered. If all fails, Ploy’s very own Oreo Cheese Cake will never fail to disappoint with its comfortably crunchy crust that holds the impressive richness of oreo-infused cheese cake that may be too much for some, but definitely excellent for all.

These comprehensive displays of flavours in modern Asian cuisine will astonish first-time diners whilst satisfying those already familiar with Ploy’s cuisine. The combination of meticulous preparation and top-notch ingredients also ensures diners that they are on the receiving end of the impressive interplay of Thai and Japanese food that culminates into a gem of a dining experience.

For reservations or more information on Ploy’s “Mother’s Day” menu, kindly contact Ploy at [email protected], Damansara Heights at 03 2095 0999, email [email protected] or visit /


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