Sumo Onigiri is one of the new outlets in Uptown Damansara where you can grab the taste of the famous Japanese Delights.The restaurant is not really a big one but they do serves the special onigiri too. The onigiri here is something special to dine off where they have variety choices with different fillings in it. In here, the onigiri which is being sold here is a type of Japanese rice balls that are usually shaped into triangle, oval or sphere with filling in the middle.

– The Selections of Onigiri-

– Kanimayo Onigiri-

We started off with their original with one type of fillings. There are a long list of fillings which you can added into the origini itself. The fillings which is included into the potato mayo, egg mayo, cucumber, sweet corn, tuna, kani mayo, cheese sausage, katsubushi, umebushi, ebiko, wasabi ebiko, chicken kara-ake, pop corn chicken, tamgo yaki, wakame and ikan bilis sambal. It is all different taste and I love the one with the egg mayo as well as the kani mayo which we had given some to sample. Well, it is reasonable priced where it ranges from RM3.00 to RM3.50.

– More Delicious Origini-
– More Delicious Origini-

Next in the list will be something more special up with the more meaty food in the origini, Here you can find the scallop, BBQ beef, chicken floss, BBQ salmon, Ban Ban Ji Chicken, Furikake, black pepper chicken, ebi tempura, fresh salmon, unagi, furi prawn, furi mentaiko, and more in the list. Each of it comes with the scrumptious ingredients in it too.

After sampling the normal Origini, we also sample the different style of onigiri as well. The fusion onigiri does give us a twist from the original Origini to something special. Well made Origini with the blend of sauces on top is indeed a great combination.

Eda Grilled Salmon is filled with th edamame, grilled salmon chunks, fish roe,as well as egg bits around. It is topped with the wasabi mayonaise over it and the delights make a good combination and would be a good choice for wasabi lover.

Cheesy delights is another item not to be missed. Inari Cheese brings up the creamy cheesy taste wraps with the onigiri is indeed another item to try off here.
Price: RM 10.90

Golden Triangle is one of my favorites too. Something different which is simply special compared to the normal origini. Wraped with egg and it is then stuffed and being deep fried, the onigiri give the oozing delicious cheese texture inside while it is hot and pipping taste in it. It is not only crunchy in the outside but I love the combination of fusion so much. Not only that, they have a lot more to choose in their menu include the Idoko Karage, Shisamo Mentaiko and many more.

Idako Karage is amazingly well made with the stuffing of the baby octopus which is something special to try off as well.
Price: RM 10.90

– Shisamo Mentaiko-

– Shisamo Mentaiko-

Shisamo Mentaiko is filled with metaiko sauce together with the little ebi on top. Simply a special one to try off for a mentaiko lover.
Price: RM 10.90

– Western Style Onigiri –

– Western Style Onigiri-

Western Style Onigiri brings up the creation of east meet west where the onigiri is being served together with chicken slice and cheese coupled with the hot egg infused rice ball. Deliciously well made and yet special.
Price: RM 10.90

The delights are being served with their special sauce which includes Kimchi sauce, spicy sauce, wasabi mayonnaise and sesame wafu dressing. Each of it is definitely a special sauce to be blend together and the the one I love is the spicy sauce and the wasabi mayonnaise which enhance the taste of the overall origini.

– The lovely miso soup and chawanmushi-

– Chawanmushi-

Not only that, they also have Miso soup to be served also. Not forgotten the chawanmushi which warmth our tummy is also well made and it is soft and silky.

We ended with drinks as well where beside the onigiri there goes a stall selling the ranges of Taiwanese Tea where they cover grass jelly milk tea, green tea milk tea, bubble milk tea, papaya milk shake and even more. Do enjoy them with the onigiri 

Sumo Onigiri
90, SS15/29,
Uptown Damansara,
Petaling Jaya.
Business Hour: 8.00am- 10pm (mon-Sun)
Email: [email protected]
Contact: 017 – 5050 755


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