It is time for delighting rice meals with Hotel Armada and throughout April, experience dining in Shokudo with its ‘Gohan…Oishii!’ Promotion! ‘Gohan’ lovers out there will get to enjoy four kinds of Japanese inspired rice dishes.

The promotion begins with favorites such as: Onigiri, or also known as rice ball. Onigiri has always been deemed as a ‘Japanese comfort food’ where it is made from rice formed into triangular or oval shapes and usually wrapped in ‘nori’ (seaweed). The delights is always good where the chef had stuffed with the selections of ‘Mentaiko’ (cod roe), ‘Bonito’ (fish flakes), and Sake (Salmon).

Yaki Onigiri is another which is being served. The grilled Onigiri is being grilled and give the ‘toasty-rice-crispy’ taste. Prior to it being toasted, the ‘Gohan’ used to making the Yaki Onigiri is first marinated with a little of Sake, Mirin Sauce, Soy Sauce, and a whole load of Bonito. Crispy at the outside and the taste had ended with slight saltiness as well.

Omu-raisu another Japanese delights which is alike the twist of our Malaysia style of Nasi Lemak with it. The delights with the tomato based fried rice dish wrapped around a layer of fluffy egg and served while piping hot to experience complete satisfaction.

Gyu Don! ‘Donburi’ is a traditional ‘fast-food’ Japanese rice delicacy simmered with eggs, vegetables and meat of any kind and is served in an oversized bowl. Generously simmered with top-notch beef, the Gyu Don dish packs nutritious ingredients such as onions, garlic, onion leave, and mushroom and many more! To top things off, donburi aficionados can expect to receive a perfectly poached egg on top of this dish, which when pressed with your fork, oozes out a divine perfection


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